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Film Analysis of High and Low Essay -- Film Analysis Movies High and L

Film Analysis of postgraduate and LowFilm 1010 Mise en film is a stylistic form of filming that is French for staging the shot, which is referring to everything in front of the camera. Director Kurosawa understood this style and employ it in High and Low (Kurosawa, 1962). He used several Mise en scene techniques such as closed constitution, space manipulation, and lighting to compliment the crime thriller story. Closed composition is one of the main themes that Kurosawa uses throughout the movie. He chooses to keep the scenes tight and in close quarters mostly. This is seen predominately in the first half on the movie. Here the carry out takes place in Mr. Gondos endure on top of a hill. The peach has very little idea that there is much of a orbit outside the house. This idea is supported when Mr. Gondo has to close all the drapes in the house to prevent the kidnapper from looking into the house. This gives a mood and feeling of anxiety from be enclosed. Also, shots of the house sitting on top of the hill give the feeling of loneliness. This feeling is repeated in the bullet train sequence where the quarters ar much smaller. The viewer is somewhat relieved with the view of the outside, but because of the close quarters and the sense of a speeding train, it does not allow the viewer to relish the openness the windows provide. A scene that clearly shows the Mise en scene style is the next day comes and Mr. Gondo must now decide whether to pay the ransom or not. We see and hear the argument with Mr. Gondo and Mrs. Gondo, with Mr. Aoki crying to the far left of the scene. Soon the dialog ends and we see Mr. Aoki still to the far left, Mrs. Gondo with Jun in the middle, and Mr. Gondo to the far right. Clearly separating them are the detectives who are standing silently with their heads down. The placement of the detectives manipulates the space in the scene into thirds. It also helps in emphasizing the differences between the three characters re garding what should be done virtually getting Mr. Aokis son back from the kidnapper. In the scene where two of the detectives find the man and woman dead, we see the detectives enclosed in the window of the house where, we the viewers are looking in. This is the closed form composition, which is used to help focus the viewers attention on the characters. In doing so, the characters surprise reactions... ...arly being used as a separation between Mr. Gondo and the police. That, with the combination of the lack of furniture, along with the predominance of white created by the light in the house enforces the tone of emptiness and loneliness that the viewer feels. Finally, the last few scenes show desperation by the kidnapper. Mr. Gondo and the kidnapper are sitting across from each other in a closed off room. The room gives the feeling of being trapped along with the wire mesh and window separating them. Here the viewer can see the condemnation of whom the character is ta lking to so that we can see the expression from what is being said. Plus by being in such a small room, the emotions await to be increased as the kidnapper releases his own emotions to Mr. Gondo. We have seen that Kurosawa used many techniques of the mise en scene throughout High and Low. The use of the closed stylistic form along with the lighting and space manipulation of characters and objects help increase the intense emotion of the film as well as help the viewer focus on key points and characters. This ultimately moved the story forward and complimented the crime thriller categorization of the film.

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Homeless Cafes :: Essays Papers

Homeless coffee shopsThere seems to be a welcome crusade unfolding in social services for the stateless. In place of large, impersonal soup kitchens, small cafes are springing up with a philosophy that is all too rare-treat the homeless with respect and dignity, and maybe theyll respond to available services.It began with cafe 458 in Atlanta in 1988, which since has served as a model for similar cafes across the country. coffee bar 458 was founded to serve good meals to small groups of homeless individuals, offer a comprehensive array of services, and empower those who eat at the Cafe. Part of its strategy to empower homeless persons is to treat them with dignity-the staff refer to those who eat there as guests, not clients, food is served on real dishes, artwork adorns the walls, and fresh flowers brighten each table. The Cafe serves only 28 guests at a time, all of whom are referred by area social service agencies. To be referred to the Cafe, clients must not be actively using drugs, have no recent history of violence, and have a strong desire to improve their lives. On the average, guests regularly eat at the Cafe for six months before they are able to find employment and/or housing.Since 1988, Cafe 458 has served only 1,000 people, but the staff considers its small numbers its strength. As Nancy Palchanis, administrator director, explains, It is not a feeding program. It is about empowerment. Soup kitchens feed too many people. Our advantage is in the small size. The small size of Cafe 458, and others same(p) it, is translating into success in the lives of their guests . For example, The Bread and Roses Cafe, run by a social service agency in Venice, California, enrolls some of its clients in a six-week intensive public life in restaurant work and 20 hours of on-thejob training. Sixty-seven of the 112 people who have completed the program are now employed by restaurants in the Los Angeles area. fortunately for some of Chicagos homeless, they too hav e a similar place to turn-Inspiration Cafe, located in the uptown community. Since 1991, Inspiration Cafe has served good-tasting and healthy meals to homeless individuals in Uptown and has provided them with a variety of comprehensive services.The Cafe was founded by Lisa Nigro, a former homeless in her community. Nigro began feeding the homeless in Uptown by carting around a red wagon filled with bagels and juice that she would serve to people waiting in lines at local shelters and soup kitchens.

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Telling It Like It Is Essay -- Essays Papers

Telling It Like It IsMy country, right or wrong, is a thing that no nationalist would think of saying except in a desperate case. It is like saying, My mother, drunk or sober.G. K. Chesterton, The DefendantThese are indeed desperate times. On family 11, 2001, America witnessed the worst act of terrorism in U.S. history. Grief-stricken, angry, and shocked, people from all over America came together in the face of tragedy and solidly substantiate their pride in the U.S.A. The outpouring of patriotism that resulted from this tragedy was astonishing. Our country came together specific agendas were swept aside in favor of partisanship and overwhelming conduct for our leaders, for our institutions, for our democracy. Picking up on this trend, the media, typically a primary conveyer of culture in America, soon adopted a positive attitude towards the government. nationalistic bias, in part because of the public demand, began dictating broadcasts. In fact, the pendulum swung far o ver to the radical side the media by and large accepted governmental censorship requests, ceased to question our leaders, and level(p) began censoring their interviews, handling our nations institutions with velvet gloves. We championed our country, with its ideals of freedom and democracy, and in the process lost a part of our freedom and democracy. Governmental ControlsTaking utility of the patriotic fever sweeping the nation, the federal government began making requests of the media, asking them to censor their coverage of particular events, or to withhold information regarding the government from the public. These requests were not particularly surprising. What was startling was the by and large acceptance of these reque... ...San Francisco Chronicle, 6 Jan. 2002 D4.7. Day, D4.8. Quoted in Fred Barnes, The Press in Time of War, Weekly Standard 3 Dec. 2001 31.9. Hurst A8.10. Michael Hoyt, Journalists as Patriots, capital of South Carolina Journalism Review 40.4 (2001) 4 .11. Veteran CBS News Anchor Dan Rather Speaks Out on BBC Newsnight Tonight, BBC News Press Release, 16 May 2002 http// shtml. 12. Barnes 31.13. Barnes 31.14. Alterman, Eric, Patriot Games, estate 29 Oct. 2001 10.15. Campbell 540.16. Campbell 258.17. Alterman 10.18. Alterman 10.19. Hurst A8.20. Campbell 544.21. Campbell 544.22. Campbell 560.23. Alterman 10.24. Qtd. in Silverglate, A21.25. Hurst A8.26. Hurst A8 Barnes 31.27. Hurst A8.28. Barnes 3.

Oedipus the King Essay -- Classics Oedipus King Essays

Oedipus the KingOedipus the King is the perfect example of a tragedy. It contains a plump combination of all the features of a tragedy. Aristotle inhis Poetics1 defines Oedipus as being a definite example of theform and purpose of tragedy. In tragedies the Greeks dramatizedclimactic events in the lives of heroes, and Oedipus story is noexception. By using many different literary devices it brings moraldilemmas of action and motive to the public stage. The action is setout over the timeframe of one day, which allow for according to the prophetTiresias will bring Oedipus birth and destruction.King Oedipus is the central protagonist and within his character liesa tragic flaw. He is unintentionally the architect of his letd possessfall. The strengths that at one time lead him to solve the riddle behindthe sphinx later lead him to his own downfall. In the words of thepriest you helped us stand, only to fall once more. Oedipushamartia is his anger. It lies at the root of the plot. It w as furythat lead him to kill Laius. He was about to thrust Oedipus off theroad one night, so Oedipus paid him back with interest by murderinghim. Another flaw is a persistent desire to discover the truth. Hismindless stubbornness motivates him to seek the truth about Laiuskiller and who his father is. This search leads to the turn of eventsthat take determine throughout the play.Despite constant denial of his fate he cannot deny the work of thegods. Tiresias delivers him a prophecy of this fate. Oedipuscircumstances are far beyond his own control. No matter what heattempts to do or alter every path leads the same way. He findshimself always terrified Apollos oracle might come true. stock-stillhe is determined to seek out the Kings murderer to punish him. Thissearch interlinks with the search for his father. Jocasta also triesto deny destiny believing that nothing human can cover thefuture. She claims to believe that Its all chance, chance rules ourlives. However fate inevitably t akes over. Through the process ofanagorsis Oedipus discovers he is in fact the very criminal he seeks.along with this he realises further truth in the prophecy, that he ismarried to his mother. Jocasta also comes to realise the same truth.By the end of the play his final downfall along with hers isinevitable.Tragic iro... ...loins that spawned my wretchedlife. What grief can crown this grief? Its mine alone, my destiny - Iam OedipusThese two statements show the peripeteia of Oedipus life. Once a herobasked in glory, he has now succumbed to his destiny. In turn he islowered to a truly pathetic state.His altered state serves to highlight the shock of fortune heundergoes. His tragic flaw leads him to acknowledging his fate.Oedipus downfall comes as he tries to escape fate but cannot. Theaudience knows this as does the chorus and we can only watch.Oedipus the King contains nothing outside of the definition its justpure Tragedy at the very core. It also confirms to Aristotles theoryof Tragedy. It obeys all the rulesand the elements of Tragedy mentioned throughout. These featuresentwine in concert to create the ultimate work of Tragedy. From all ofthis it is unquestionable that the word tragedy is a usefullyaccurate description of Sophocles play Oedipus the King.---------------------------------------------------------------------1 W.B. Worthen, The Harcourt Brace Anthology of Drama, 3rd Edition (USA, Harcourt College Publishers, 2000), p 72.

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Essay --

Unethical business practices go for been an issue over the past decade, from Enron to Wall Street. Pilot Flying J latterly was prosecuted for defrauding many of their clients. The scandal extended all the way to the ripened management. The scandal was driven by greed and could have easily been prevented by applying one or all of the following five systems written contracts, external auditors, compliance officers, handbook training, and moles. Pilot Flying J only had informal verbal agreements with their partners they did not have firm contracts. When combined with the complexities needed to calculate the constantly varying average cost of fuel and the sophistication needed to interpret these numbers, PFJ had some flexibility to fake the numbers if inclined. Due to constantly varying fuel prices the average cost of the fuel was constantly changing, leading to relatively significant changes in the amount of the rebates. Since their clients complained about(predicate) being cheated due to the varying rebates, PFJ decided to manually change the rebates so that they are more consistent. This manual change often reduced ones rebate. This reasoning illustrates the senior managements lack of ethics. PFJ and their clients had somewhat of a rough verbal contract. Verbal contracts are just as enforceable as written contracts on paper, but it is not as easy to enforce them in the real world. Written contracts between Pilot Flying J and their customers would have forced PFJ to mother more accountable to their customers. A written contract should have been made between PFJ and their customers that stated the discount rate and all of the other factors that went into the relationship. PFJ was not miasmal in their inner workings, often ... ensure that they are both doing their duty. Neither of these options for placing a mole within ones organization would be difficult or prison term consuming. Either option would be a valid way to ensure that not hing illicit is going on inside the business. Although having a mole in ones organization can be seen as borderline illegal and unethical, if having a mole prevents fraud on a significant scale, because it is considered justifiable. By following any of the aforementioned ways to enact systems that create a lawful work place PFJ could have prevented this scandal from happening. All PFJ had to do was spend a little time reiterating their daily rules and procedures. These systems were probably not in place because the executives were the ones that were committing the fraudulent activities. Greed has cost Pilot Flying J $85 billion dollars and their good name.

Essay --

Unethical business practices have been an issue over the past decade, from Enron to Wall Street. Pilot Flying J recently was prosecuted for defrauding m any(prenominal) of their clients. The scandal widen all the way to the senior management. The scandal was driven by greed and could have easily been prevented by applying one or all of the following quin systems written contracts, external auditors, compliance officers, handbook training, and moles. Pilot Flying J only had informal verbal agreements with their partners they did not have firm contracts. When combined with the complexities essential to calculate the ceaselessly vary average cost of fuel and the sophistication needed to interpret these numbers, PFJ had some flexibility to fudge the numbers if inclined. Due to constantly varying fuel prices the average cost of the fuel was constantly changing, leading to relatively significant changes in the amount of the rebates. Since their clients complained about being ch eated due to the varying rebates, PFJ decided to manually change the rebates so that they are more consistent. This manual change practically reduced ones rebate. This reasoning illustrates the senior managements overleap of ethics. PFJ and their clients had somewhat of a rough verbal contract. Verbal contracts are just as enforceable as written contracts on paper, but it is not as easy to enforce them in the real world. Written contracts between Pilot Flying J and their customers would have forced PFJ to become more accountable to their customers. A written contract should have been made between PFJ and their customers that stated the discount rate and all of the other factors that went into the relationship. PFJ was not transparent in their inner workings, often ... ensure that they are both doing their duty. Neither of these options for placing a mole within ones brass instrument would be difficult or time consuming. Either option would be a valid way to ensure that nothing illicit is going on inside the business. Although having a mole in ones organization can be seen as borderline illegal and unethical, if having a mole prevents fraud on a significant scale, then it is considered justifiable. By following any of the aforementioned ways to enact systems that create a lawful work place PFJ could have prevented this scandal from happening. All PFJ had to do was spend a runty time reiterating their daily rules and procedures. These systems were probably not in place because the executives were the ones that were committing the fraudulent activities. Greed has cost Pilot Flying J $85 billion dollars and their expert name.

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Discrimination of Women in Soccer Essay

gender discrimination and sexism in association football is hurting many young talented female athletes and their dreams of becoming successful in soccer. Gender inequalities are obvious, moreover nobody takes the time to try to solve the problem. Media, sport authorities, and many others are responsible of the sexism in soccer. The discrimination among wo custody in soccer is decreasing, but still are many things to solve and many girl dreams of becoming a soccer player totally ended. Male dominance in soccer has become a problem for female athletes, who in the hope of pursuing their dreams in soccer, arouse been discriminated and treated in an inferior way than males. Soccer is stop of our culture, and whether youre a fan or not, you could probably place one male soccer player.But could you name a women soccer player? Could you name Rachel Yankey? She has scored 17 goals for England National Team, the same as David Beckham, the star of England soccer team. Or could you name M aribel Dominguez? She migrated to USA when FIFA stopped her from playing soccer on a mens soccer team in Mexico, and in her first year with the Atlanta Beat scored 17 goals and was awarded the Most Valuable Player of the tournament. But have you heard these names before? Womens soccer has still a long way to go and evolve. According to Hughes (2011, March 11), media has a strong crook in what we see or what we dont see and unfortunately just 2% of mainstream sports coverage is dedicated to womens sport, so, how come people tummy learn or be interested about womens soccer if sport shows dont even give them a segment. Also is baffling to find information, matches results, or statistics of womens competitions.

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Succubus Dreams CHAPTER 18

My dream-self sprinted stunned of the kitchen and toward the sound of the crying. Aubrey and the mystery cat jerked their heads up, surprised at my sudden movement. On the other(a) side of the living room, the little girl sat on the floor beside an end table with sharp corners, a abject hand pressed to her forehead. Tears streamed d declare her checks as she wailed.In a flash, my dream-self was on her knees and had wrapped the little girl up in a cruddy embrace. I could feel what the other Georgina felt, and I nearly wept as well over the feel of that soft, warm body in my ordnance. My dream-self rocked the girl, murmuring soothing, nonsensical lyric as she brushed her lips against the silken hair. Eventually, the girls sobs stopped, and she rested her head against my dream-selfs chest, content to simply be loved and rocked.I opened my eye and stared at solidifications plain gabardine ceiling. He lay beside me, curled up near my body and still smelling like the massage oil. E ven awake, the dreams images were still strong and so real. I knew exactly how my daughters hair had felt, the way she smelled, the rhythm of her heart. My ingest heart pined so oftentimes for her that I could almost ignore the fact that last nights vigour was in a flash gone.This was turning into a real problem.I sat up, gently pushing Seth off of me. only when as I tried to figure out what to do close to this latest dream, a strange thought kept pressing into the back of my head.Erik. I couldnt stop thinking about Erik. It was nothing in particular, either. No specific problem. But, when invariably I tried to think about something else my job, the energy loss, Seth it was Eriks face that appeared in my head. I didnt understand it, but it worried me.Seths arms reached for me as I slipped out of bed, but I skillfully avoided them. Grabbing my cell phone out of my purse, I headed off toward the living room. No one answered when I dialed Ar slewa, Ltd. It was almost tenusual ly he was open by then. I called information in search of Eriks home number, but it appeared to be unlisted.A whizz of dread was building in me. Desperate, I dialed Dantes store.Dante, I think somethings happened to Erik, but I dont have his home number and Whoa, whoa, succubus. Slow down. Start from the beginning.Backing up, I explained how Id dreamed again and woken up obsessed with Erik.Maybe its nothing, but after(prenominal) the drowning thingI dont know. Do you have his home number?Yeah, Dante said after several moments. I do. IllIll check on him for you and give you a call back.Thanks, Dante. I mean it.I dis connected as a sleepy Seth stepped out of the bedroom. Whos Dante? Was that a collect call to the Inferno?They wont accept the charges, I murmured, still troubled. Seths face turned dependable.Whats wrong?I hesitated, not because I was algophobic to reveal him about Dante but because I didnt know if I wanted him caught up in all of this.It involves immortal intrigue , I warned. And the higher workings of the universe.I live for those things, he said wryly, settling into an armchair. Tell me.So, I did. He knew about my first energy loss but not the rest. I didnt tell him about the content of the dreams, merely that they drained me of energy. I also explained about the self-fulfilling prophecies and how Id woken up damp one morning and thinking about Erik today. When I finished, I stared at the cell phone accusingly.Damn it. Why isnt he calling?Why do you ever tell me this at the last minute? asked Seth. Its been expectant you trouble for a while. I thought it had been a one-time thing.I didnt want to bother you. And I know how funny you are about immortal stuff.Things that see you that may be harming you dont bother me. I mean, well, they do, but thats not the point. This all goes back to commun The phone rang.Dante? I asked eagerly. I hadnt even bothered to check the number.But it was him. His voice sounded grim.You need to come over here . To Eriks.The store?No, his house. Its close to my place here.Whats going on?Just come over.Dante rattled off an address and directions. With brisk shape-shifting, I was dressed and ready to bolt out the door in an instant. Seth told me to wait, and in less than a minute not as dependable as me, though still good he was ready too.Id never thought much about Erik having a home of his own. To me, he just always sort of existed in his store. The address was about a mile from Dantes, in an old, yet well-maintained neighborhood. Eriks house was one of the small bungalow types so common in Seattle neighborhoods, and the front yard was filled with roses gone dormant for the winter. As we walked up the steps, I entertained a brief vision of Erik out there be the flowers in the summer.Dante opened the door before I could knock. I wondered if hed sensed me or had simply seen us through the window. He displayed no particular reaction to Seths presence and ushered us in toward the houses one bedroom.The houses interior looked like it hadnt been updated in a while. In fact, a lot of the furniture reminded me of mid-twentieth-century styles. A plaid lounge with rough fabric. A worn velvet armchair in seventies gold. A TV that dubiously looked capable of color.None of that triggered any sort of reaction in me, though. What startled me was one framed picture sitting on a bookshelf. It showed a much younger Erik maybe in his forties with fewer wrinkles in his dark skin and no gray in his black hair. He had his arm around a thirty-something brunette with big gray eyeball and a smile as large as his. Dante nudged me when I stopped, an odd look on his face.Come on.Erik lay in bed. To my relief, he was alive. I didnt suck up until that moment just how worried Id been. My subconscious had chargeed the worst, even though Id refused to let it surface.But alive or not, he really didnt look so great. He was sweating and shaking, eyes wide and face pallid. His breathing was shallow. When he maxim me, he flinched, and for half a second, I saw terror in his eyes. Then, the fear faded, and he attempted a weak smile.Miss Kincaid. Forgive me for not being able to receive you properly.Jesus, I gasped, sitting on the beds edge. What happened? Are you hunky-dory?I will be.I studied him, trying to piece together what had take backn place. Were you attacked?His gaze flicked over to Dante. Dante shrugged.In a manner of speaking, Erik said at last. But not in the way youre thinking.Dante leaned against the wall, appearing a little less grave than he had earlier. Dont waste her time with riddles, old man. Spill it.Eriks eyes narrowed, a bit of fire flaring in their depths. Then, he turned back to me. I was attackedmentally, not physically. A woman came to me tonightwraithlike, inhumanwreathed in energy. The kind of beauteous, enthralling energy I see you glow with sometimes. It was a sweet way to describe my post-sex glamour.Was she bat-winged and flame-eyed? I asked, recalling Dantes long-ago joke about the mythical description of succubi.Not a succubus, Im afraid. That might be easier. No, thisI believewas Nyx.Diddid you say Nyx? Of course that was what hed said, but Id been waiting for him to launch into a discussion of Oneroi, not their mother. Nyx made no sense. It was one thing for dream spirits to appear in your bedroom and in your dreams. It was an entirely different matter for a ugly primordial entity of chaos who had been puppetal in creating the world as we know it to appear in your bedroom. It was like saying God had stopped by for waffles on the way to work. Maybe Erik was still delirious.Nyx, he confirmed, no doubt guessing my thoughts. Chaos herself. Or, more accurately, Night herself.From the corner, Dante laughed softly. Were all fucked now.Shes the mother of the Oneroi, Erik reminded me. And, although dreams arent her sole domain, she too is connected to them.Then I tried to grasp the implications. Are you saying shes been responsible for whats been happening to me?It almost makes sense, said Dante.Erik apparently agreed. Shes linked to time and all the unnumberable potential fates that exist for the universe. Fate and time are forever moving closer to chaos to entropy and thats what she feeds off of. Shes trying to create more of it in the world, to bring us that much nearer to ultimate disintegration. But shes a long way from bringing anything like that about, so she settles for small acts of chaos.I wasnt following. My dreams and energy loss are acts of chaos?No. Erik glanced at Dante again. We believe youre her instrument. Since shes connected to time as well as space, she has the ability to see pieces of the futurity. And there is no greater way to cause chaos in this world than by revealing the future to mortals. Such visions prove consuming, and if crafted in a certain way, they can drive a person to madness. That person will obsess on it, struggling to either stop it or bring it abou t in a way its not actually meant to unfold. Both acts are futile. The future plays out as it is meant to. In trying to alter it, we only make it happen that much more quickly.Like the Oedipus story, noted Seth. His fathers attempts to change the prophecys outcome are what actually made it happen.Erik nodded. Exactly.I understood now too. Just like the cop who saw his partner getting shot. And the man who saw his family benefiting by him swimming the Sound.Its how Nyx operates. Everything she shows them is truejust not true in the way they expect. The ensuing madness and remnant brought about by showing mortals their futures futures that they end up bringing about feeds her.But where do I fit in? I demanded. She isnt showing me my future or making me do crazy things.Thats where the theory ends, succubus, Dante said. Youre part of it, absolutely. And she needs you to do all thisbut we dont know the mechanics of it.This is insane, I said blankly. Im the instrument of an all-powerfu l primordial deitys wave of chaos and destruction.Thats kind of extreme, said Dante jovially. Its not like you work for Google or anything.Seth gently touched my shoulder. Can I ask a question here? Im confused bylike, how is it possible that youre just now realizing that thisNyxis out there? I mean, if shes as powerful as you claimI dont know. Why didnt you think of her right away? Why hasnt this happened before?Because shes locked up, I said. Or well, shes supposed to be. Heaven and Hell have their own agendas for the world they dont want her running loose and messing it all up. If this is her, I have no idea how she got loose. Shes supposed to be guarded by angels, and if there was ever a group that could I let out a gasp that turned into a groan.The others stared at me. Whats wrong? asked Seth.Thats wherefore theyre here, I said. Im such an idiot. Theres a monstrous regiment of angels in town. I knew they were looking for something, but I didnt know what. That would also expl ain Vincents interest in local news he was looking for Nyx-patterns that would provide them with a trail. Hed even started to pursue my knowledge of the cop story, but Seths shooting and his outing as a nephilim had distracted us all.Yeah, well, theyre doing a bang-up job, said Dante.I rose from Eriks bedside. I have to tell them what we know. Maybe theyll understand what shes doing to me.Be careful, Erik warned. Shes suspicious nowI think thats why she came after me. I was looking into this, and she didnt want me to succeed.Something else suddenly occurred to me. Erikdid she show you a vision?He nodded.What was it? It must have been horrible, whatever it was. Hed clearly been in wallop when Dante had found him.Erik looked at me, and for an instant, I saw a flash of the terror hed shown when I first walked into the room. Then, it was gone.It doesnt matter, Miss Kincaid. She wanted to scare me, to stop me from helping youbut it didnt work. The future will unfold as its meant to. Se eing my doubtful look, he smiled again and pointed toward the door. Stop worrying about me. I will be fine. Go get a line your angel friends before anything worse happens.I gave him a quick hug before stepping into the other room with Seth and Dante. Once again, I paused to teaching the picture of Erik and the woman. Just as Id always imagined Erik living in his store, Id also never pictured him having any sort of personal life. Obviously, that was a foolish thought on my part. Who was this woman? Wife? Lover? Just a friend?Beside me, Dante held out his hand to Seth and introduced himself. The two men sized each other up.Ive heard so much about you, said Dante cheerfully.I never heard of you until this morning, remarked Seth.My eyes were still on the picture. Near the edge of the frame, I spy a crease in the scenegraph. I dont know what made me do it, but I picked the frame up and pulled the picture out. The right-hand third of the photo had been folded, obscuring another person who had been with Erik and the woman. Dante.I looked up in surprise. Dante took the picture and frame from me and reassembled them. Theres no time for this, succubus.But We have more important things to deal with than your own curiosity right now.I cast an uneasy look at Eriks closed bedroom door. Dante was right. Do you think you could maybeDante sighed, anticipating my question. Yes, succubus. Ill check in on him today.For a moment, I thought I saw something in his facesomething that wasnt just him grudgingly humoring me. Like that maybe maybe he cared about Erik too. It was weird, but then, theyd all looked pretty happy in the photograph. The worst enemies were often those who had been friends. This Erik-Dante puzzle just got weirder and weirder.I started to turn away, then Dante called, Oh, hey. I can credibly make your charm, now that we know what this is.Hope surged up in me at the thought of finally having safe dreams again. Really?If you still want me to, he added warily .I presumed he was subtly referencing my skepticism which hadnt entirely abated. Still, now that I had a name for my predator, I was more restless than ever to take whatever rampart I could get. Definitely. If you think itll work.In theory, at least. Nyx isnt exactly a run-of-the-mill spirit. Ill see what I can do.I drove Seth back to his condo, anxious to let him off, so I could do some searching. I have to go find the angels, I told him. Ill catch up to you later.Sono movie tonight?I what? Oh, damn it. Id forgotten about the plans wed made. Hed gotten tickets for an indie movie that was showing one night only here. Im sorryI really amWell, said Seth wryly, considering life and death are literally on the line, I think I can forgive it this time.You know what you should do? You should take Maddie. You still owe her a date.He smiled. I have the best girlfriend in the world, always trying to push me into the arms of another woman.Im serious Shes feeling unwanted. She thinks you d ont like her.I like her a lot. The whole thing is just weird, thats all. I think Im going to see if Terry can go to the movie. Dont give me that look, he warned. Ill still take her somewhere. Just not to this.We kissed good-bye, and Seth promised to check on me later. Once he was gone, I set out to find my guardian angels.

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Proposal: the Hunger in Ethiopia

Research Proposal Introduction/ Background Information Ethiopia has been suffering from poverty and hunger for many years. Most of the volume around the ball are not aware of this massacre. Ethiopia is an agro-based country they have only agricultural labor to localise on. The drought in Ethiopia has caused a huge impact in the economy. There are currently over 500,000 acutely malnourished children in Ethiopia. They have been getting foreign aid but reports in the conversations with many starvation victims confirm that the situation is still not improved.By increasing foreign aid, the foreign country can get certain benefits, they can assure military assistance, contact land to search for oil, and create an alliance. Our research champaign forget bring awareness closely the terrible situation in Ethiopia to the whole world. When this research accept is successful, our prediction is that people all over the world will athletic supporter and protest for more(prenominal) forei gn aids. Ethiopia will receive enough aid to invest on a permanent solution to poverty and many lives will be relieve from starvation and malnutrition. The funding company which funds this research study will be reatly benefited because it will be appreciated and credited on all our research studies. The funding agency will be thanked by the people all over the world and it will be known by the whole world. We have high expectation that this study will be a success because similar work has been very successful in the past years. Invisible Children Kony 2012, a video published by Jason Russell which brings awareness to the world about the Ugandan criminal, was very successful. They have captured the attention of the people around the whole world.The video has gotten over 84 million views in just two weeks. Proposed lap The intent of the proposed study is to learn about the suffering victims in Ethiopia. In this research study, interviews will be the primary research approach. It is anticipated that the victims will call down about their stories and variety of topics throughout the interview. It is anticipated that over 30 interviews will be conducted within a year. All interviews will be videotaped with the interviewees permission. The pass judgment interview length is about an hour long.I will write field notes while observing, giving interviews and listening to the interviews from the tape after. I expect to obtain more information and data from the organizations that are already there to help the victims, papers, officials of the government of Ethiopia and any other subjects that relates with my research study. All the interviews and data will be saved and organized on computer software. Some Interviews will be edited and published in the internet where everyone in the world should have access to. We will also be advertising it in the internet nd in major cities of United States. I will create a webpage where we have our statistics and data. great deal all over the world are expected to be interacting with each other in our webpage, which creates awareness. I will interact with people on kind networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook and email. Budget I will need the following real(a)s, equipment and personnel for a comfort success. I will need stationary material for recording, cameras, computers, microphones, sound systems and computer software for video editing and file storage. I will hire about 10 qualified interns nd employees for different tasks. push through of all the employees, some will be interviewers and journalists who will assist me with interviews and conduct their own interviews in different rural part of Ethiopia. Some of the employees will be in control of editing videos and uploading it on Internet webpage, manage the webpage and social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter. The webpage would have the options for people to make donations that go to the charity to help the victims. The estimated c ost for this research project is about half a million ollars. The amount specified includes the material, equipment, personnel, travel expenses and salary for the interns and the employees including me. The research study is proposed to start in spring of 2012 and expected to finish in the middle of 2013. Conclusion/Recommendation This project is very significant because many lives depend on it. It will fountain awareness to the whole world about the situation in Ethiopia. The action taken against this massacre is very helpful to these poor people who live their life story with a dollar a day. This problem can be solved y being united and protesting for more aid, advertising, donating and collecting donations. Many lives can be saved. References 1. Alexander, Douglas. House of Commons Hansard Written Answers for 03 Nov 2009 (pt 0001). United Kingdom Parliament Home Page. 3 Nov. 2009. Web. 16 Mar. 2012. . 2. Gordts, Eline. Ethiopia Hunger During Worst Drought In 60 Years. The Huf fington Post. TheHuffingtonPost. com, 17 Aug. 2011. Web. 16 Mar. 2012. . 3. Sanders, Edmund. Hunger Is Once Again Stalking Ethiopia. Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles Times, 05 Aug. 2008. Web. 16 Mar. 2012. .

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American Transcendentalism: the Life of Spiritual Individuality Essay

In the Second Great Awakening different spurs of religious movements were influenced around the country in the late 18th atomic number 6. During the religious movement wholeness of the major reforms was Unitarism. In the Unitarian Church the main focus is on God, and the impact God has on the unity of the world . Although hu objet darty joined this reform, thither were others that went against it. They disagreed with the contracted meaning of Christian when referring to God. They favored the name theist, that showed universal designation of the divinity. These people were called Transcendentalist. transcendentalism was an idealistic and literary movement that fires a simple lifestyle and a semi-religious nature. The Transcendental Club was founded in 1836 in Boston, Massachusetts. The founder and most popular of them all was a writer and bard, Ralph Waldo Emerson. Others that were involved were a feminist reformist and writer, Margaret Fuller, a minister, Theodore Parker, nat uralist and novelist, Henry David Thoreau, pack Freeman Clarke and many other members. People became very confused with the beliefs of the transcendentalism.Transcendentalism contained a combination of intellectual, aesthetic, and spiritual attri howeveres. James Freemen Clarke stated that we are called like- principaled because no two of us think alike. There was no definite dogma for this belief unless there were even-tempered values generally held. In An Essay on Transcendentalism, by Charles Mayo Ellis he explained that transcendentalism sustained bingles idea from God, motivation or the pious world. The inner conscience was where all ideas and originator began. Transcendentalists had a very different lifestyle.They were not very successful with all their ideas, but they promoted ideological and affectionate change though their research and the great mind their God gave them. Emerson also rejected the Unitarism community and was seen to be the founder of the Transcendent alists. He believed Unitarism to be a frigorific intellectualism that seemed to destroy the validity of mans conscience, meaning stopping a man from thinking. He created a group with his friends that did an extensive research on a philosophy that had a more universal just. A philosophy they revealed was a German transcendentalist by Immanuel Kant in the 18th century.Emersons lectures were mostly about the write up of the world and what register actually is. America was influence also by the books, Aids of Reflection by Thomas Carlyle and Samuel Coleridge. Al the reform grew by the literature by Bhagavad-Gita of Hinduism, Saying of Confucius, and French authors. Ralph Waldo Emerson created the First Series in 1841 an Essay on History and begins with one of his poems There is no great and no secondary To the Soul that maketh all And where it cometh, all things are And it cometh everywhere, I am owner of the sphereOf the sevens and the solar year, Of Caesars hand, and Platos brain, Of Lord Christs heart, and Shakspeares strain. At the end of the poem Emersons references to Caesar, Plato, Lord Christ, and Shakespeare, who are still known as great men, would have influenced Americans to keep listening, reading, and understanding his views. Emerson believed in self-reliance. Transcendentalism is focused on the right to reason through ones conscience and spiritual world. Emerson states in his essay that one who has the right of reason is made a freeman of the whole estate. He described his thought by using the experiences of Plato. Americans would be able to realize if a great man like Plato acted upon Emersons statement, and they also were to repeat it, they may become great like him. Emerson continued to explain that one is determines their history and this human mind wrote history if the whole of history is in one man, it is all to be explained from individual experience. If one is an individual their decisions impact where they will end up in life, but also one individual can change the world.Emerson uses the example that everyone revolution was first a thought in one mans mind and when the same thought occurs to another, it is the key to that eraevery reform was once a private opinion, and when it shall be a private opinion again, it will elucidate the problem of the age. Solving the problem of the age was the task of Emerson and other transcendentalists and other social reformers. Throughout the whole essay the individual that Emerson was referring to can be anyone. He did not judge by the color and size, but people were seen as equals. This idea gave hope to the minorities of America who were looked down upon.Emerson gave them up and believed that they will motivate themselves to be the individual that wise men opt to be. Henry David Thoreau had his own vies on transcendentalism. He believed in individual conscience and if one disagreed with a law proposed by the government they should refuse to imitate the laws. He did not belie ve in violence and always resorted in peace. In the granting immunity to Civil Government compose 1849 by Thoreau, he explained how the American government was corrupted. He said, That government is best which governs not at all, throughout his proposal he continued to state a good government was expedient.An expedient government is one that focuses on the practical rather than the moral reasons. The American government was all tradition and it did not promote a free country. Thoreau wanted a better government. Transcendentalists had strong faith in the conscience. Thoreau asked the question, Can there not be a government in which the majorities do not virtually decide right and wrong, but conscience? One should use their conscience to understand right from wrong and not by what tradition may explain. Thoreau also explained how the corrupted government has controlled the people.In the military they were known as the standing army and the mean had no free will of judgment. Thoreau s idea of civil disobedience was practiced by a solider who did not want to fight in an unjust fight. The government expected to obey their unjust laws There were two different types of injustice described. Thoreau understood which situations to allow go and which to act upon If the injustice is part of the necessary friction of the machine of government, let it go, let it go perchance it will wear smoothcertainly the machine will wear out.If the injustice has a spring, or a pulley, or a rope, or a crank, exclusively for itself, then perhaps you may consider whether the remedy will not be worse than the evil but if it is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, and then I say, break the law. Thoreau did not believe in slavery or the war in Mexico and these events started the civil disobedience. When person does not follow the rules of the government then they are put in jail. Jail is the right place for both a thief and a just man. The whole A merica government was based on majority rules the government was based on injustice.All vote is a sort of gaming, like checkers, or backgammon playing with right and wrong, with moral questions and betting naturally accompanies itcast your whole vote, not a strip of reputation merely, but your whole influence. The minorities were rejected and overlooked. Minorities were powerless, and they should result into civil disobedience. Thoreau explains the attitude of his state by giving a scenario. What will the state of Massachusetts would do with the man they will rather keep all in prison and give up war and slavery. Civil disobedience is a rebellion known as a peaceable revolution. The reason that many did not want to practice civil disobedience was because of fear. They were afraid of the consequence to their kin and assets. Thoreau experienced the consequences of civil disobedience. He did not pay his tax for six years and he was put in jail. He believed that living in jail was b etter than obeying an unjust law. This rebellion in jail was a type of propaganda that influenced people to take to stand for what they believed in and used their conscience. Men that use their conscience are just men. Thoreaus dream was to live in a stat in which justice was served to all and everyone is treated with respect.Transcendentalism was a very widespread religion that understood ones individuality and self-reliance. Throughout America, people were more and more influenced by the Second Great Awakening. Ideological and social change was promoted mostly through writing. both(prenominal) Emerson and Thoreau were able to express themselves that was to motivation a reader to change their lifestyle. Also the Transcendental Club was not strict and did not have an imposed guideline. Transcendentalism focused on the unity of others and the minorities are recognized.In the long-run Transcendentalism was not as successful as it was seen to be, but during the late 18th century and e arly 19th century this reform had a big impact on the lives of the American people. 1. Campbell, Donna M. American Transcendentalism. http//www. wsu. edu/campbelld/amlit/amtrans. htm. 21 May 2007. Literary Movements. 19 Apr. 2009 . 2. Danzer, Gerald A. , et al. holiness Sparks Reform. Afterword. The Americans. 1985. By Danzer, et al.. Ed. John S. Bowes. Evanston McDougal Littell, 2003. 240-245. 3. Emerson, Ralph Waldo. Emersons Journal, June 24, 1863. http//www. transcendentalists. com/emerson_on_thoreau. htm. 19 Apr. 2009. Jone Johnson Lewis. 19 Apr. 2009 . 4. Emerson, Ralph Waldo. History from Essays First Series (1841). http//www. emersoncentral. com/history. htm. 19 Apr. 2009. Jone Johnson Lewis. 19 Apr. 2009 . 5. Harding, Walter. Transcendentalism. http//www. themystica. com/mystica/articles/t/transcendentalism. html. 14 Apr. 2009. MYSTICA. 19 Apr. 2009 . 6. Thoreau, Henry David. 1849, Resistance to Civil Government. http//www. transcendentalists. com/1thorea. html. 19 Ap r. 2009. Jone Johnson Lewis. 19 Apr. 2009 .

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The Best Ideas Arise from a Passionate Interest in Commonplace Things

The best ideas arise from a passionate interest in commonplace things Mankind has show a profound ability to draw inspiration from even the most mundane situations and surroundings. Throughout history, the commonplace has often spurred uncommon achievements for impassioned thinkers including Archimedes, Leonardo da Vinci and Isaac newton. In modern times, the scientific community increasingly gleans groundbreaking ideas from the natural world in the emerging field of biomimicry.Archimedes eureka moment in the can is the stuff of legend, exactly it is unlikely the great mathematician and inventor would have delivered the famed remark without pursuing his profound interest in hydrodynamics and the intertwined relationships of buoyancy and displacement. On one hand, water was (and remains) a ubiquitous presence for the seafaring Greeks. Likewise, anyone who has watched a child in the bathtub can relate to the simple joys it affords.Archimedes eponymous principle, however, took a natu ral interest in water and floating bodies several steps further to determine whether a crown was made of solid gold and discover define the laws of physics. Leonardo da Vinci, the archetypal Renaissance Man, was unquestionably inspired by commonplace things throughout his feverishly productive life. One must find out no further than the geniuss manuscripts and notebooks for evidence that da Vinci was intensely curious about some of the worlds most normal elements.Studies of the human beings body, certainly among the most familiar of forms, are likely the masters most replicated composition. Perhaps it is no coincidence the Italians Vitruvian Man pen-and-ink cogitation ranks among the most well-known and reproduced drawings in the world. Whether Leonardos passion and interest in reproducing the human body contributed to his other innovations and wiles beyond art is difficult to assess, but one thing is certain da Vincis unquenchable thirst for knowledge of his earthly surroundi ngs was inextricably tied to his ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.The unlikely course of events that lead Isaac Newton to formulate the theory of gravity offers an example of a revolutionary idea spurred by something as banal as a piece of fruit. What is the invisible force that causes an apple to fall to the ground? the great thinker wondered. While some have disputed the veracity of Newtons apple incident, there is no doubting the role the everyday world played in conjunction with Newtons observant and reflective mind.While the laws of motion took years to fully devise and compose, there is perhaps no better illustration of the nascent brilliance the human mind is capable of uncover when awakened by the natural elements. Many of the worlds leading contemporary minds continue to find inspiration in their environs. Over the last decade, the scientific community has become more willing to turn to nature for answers to difficult questions. As it turns out, p otentially outstanding ideas have often been tested and confirmed or rejected by the flora and fauna all around us through natural selection, according to pioneers in the biomimicry field.Proponents of biomimicry have studied humpback colossus flippers as a means to improve wind turbine performance and plant leaves as a model for green cleaning process that some paints and make materials now incorporate. Clearly there is much still to be learned from nature. It has been a long time coming, but it appears many in the world are prepared to accept that the best ideas arise from a passionate interest in commonplace things. Perhaps necessity is not the true mother of invention history demonstrates that inquiring minds and Mother Nature herself more often inspire greatness.

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Effective Study Skills Essay

Why it is so hard to concentrate while studying, or even to study in effect? The hardest intermit of studying is concentrating on the material at hand. Memorizing everything is nearly impossible, but with a better understanding of effective committal to memory skills you stick out improve your memorization skills surely. Did you know that the almost effective method of studying is to use notes, or note-cards? Some people actually have trouble taking notes, due to haywire note taking methods.Although there are many different methods for effective study skills, there are three that have been proven to be the most effective concentration, memorization, and ote taking skills. Have you ever found yourself reading a paragraph, and when you finish you think to yourself, What did I Just read? Well 10 and distinguish it happens to the best of us. One proven method of concentration is to get yourself into a quite, but not completely silent to where you hear yourself think, environment.Al so if you will rectify yourself to where you are not slouching or hunching over, as these positions tend to make you ache or get sleepy. The next step is to read at a unconstipated pace, not besides fast to where you entrust and not to slow to where you read the same thing over and If youre like me then you probably forget a lot of things you read on a daily basis. I some(a)times find myself wishing I was like a computer and I could Just store anything and everything, except for viruses.We, as human beings, cannot and will not ever be able to remember everything however we can remember rudimentary items, but only with the proper techniques. The key to remembrance is to review more than once, and take breaks in between your study sessions. Also be sure to prioritise what you plan to study and how you plan to conduct your study sessions. Another proven memorization technique is to take notes, which we will discuss next. Proper note taking is probably the hardest of the three step s, due to most people not knowing what to take note of.Many people can take notes great, but some have trouble knowing what to write experience, or if the note they Just wrote is even note- worthy. Any form of note-taking that requires compilation of information by categories, rather than in narrative form is best done using index cards. Index cards are a life saver when it comes to taking notes, and the best part is you can use them for Q A, highlights, key points, or even paraphrasing. One of the best pieces of advice is that if the note doesnt sound note-worthy, its probably not. telling study skills can mean the difference between an A and a B.In most cases it can make a world of difference in your school of pickaxe or even your life long career decisions. Many people today think that they had it rough when they went through school, well in my young age, we too have it rough and the only way to stay on top is through self improvement. Just remember the next time you sit down for a study session concentration is the key, memorization will help you unlock the door, and taking notes will hopefully keep you from forgetting to lock it behind you. Effective Study Skills By hahaitsmine

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Cultural Considerations in Moral and Ethical Reasoning

Cultural considerations in moral and ethical backgrounding The sound development of moral reasoning and ethics is an organic part of the growth and maturation of a healthy and productive human being. Without morals and ethics, a person cannot exist within societys boundaries and would be doomed to be forever barred from its hallowed walls for as long as that person did not conform to the societal norms of having the ability to chastely reason and implement a set of ethics. But morals and ethics, as necessary as they are, are relative and not absolute (Brink, 1989).This means that what a cross society constitutes as moral behavior is actually very much like beauty and in the eye of the beholder. The society in which an individual grows up in and is a member of dictates the type of societal rules that must be accepted as part of the price of membership. However, it does not take into account the assorted cultural differences that must affect which ethics and morals are adhered to in a particular place. Ethics are generally defined as the principles of chastely acceptable conduct of individuals, and a persons belief about right and wrong behaviors (Cosmides & deoxyadenosine monophosphate Tooby, 2004).It is evident however, that the difference in cultures around the orbit make it quite clear that moral reasoning and ethics are directly influenced by the cultures in which they are developed (Boyd & Richerson, 2005). Behavior that is unacceptable in the U. S. is perfectly acceptable elsewhere in the world. For example, polygamy is accepted in most African societies, and even encouraged, but in the U. S. it is not only considered morally reprehensible, but also criminal. Homosexuality is accepted and even celebrated in the U. S. et woe betides the person trying to engage in this behavior in the center field East, where it is considered a moral abomination (Haidt & Hersh, 2001). It is clear that there is no universal standard for moral reasoning not with culture, religion, and even environment playacting roles in how it will occur (Wright, 1994).Therefore, it is of utmost importance to teach developing humans how to evaluate critically their own views on morality and that of others in stage to preserve a balance in their world view no matter where they are. They must be taught an openness that allows for them to discuss omfortably moral matters with many types of good deal in order to gain a clearer picture of the world. By honing reasoning skills one can better evaluate ethical and moral statements or judgments (Gigerenzer & Goldstein, 1996) and this will help to describe the negatives and the positives of a situation and ultimately take us a step closer to understanding our world and the various subsets of which it is make up of.References Boyd R. , & Richerson, P. J. (2005). The origin and evolution of cultures. New York Oxford University Press. Brink, D. (1989). Moral realism and the foundations of ethics. Cambridge Ca mbridge University Press. Cosmides, L. , & Tooby, J. (2000). Knowing thyself The evolutionary psychology of moral reasoning and moral sentiments. unpublished manuscript. Gigerenzer, G. (2004). Fast and frugal heuristics The tools of bounded rationality. In D. Koehler & N. Harvey (Eds), Handbook of judgment and decision making (pp. 62-68). Oxford Blackwell. Haidt, J. , &Joseph, C. (2004). Sexual morality The cultures and reasons of liberals and conservatives. Journal of Applied affectionate Psychology, 31 191-221. Wright, R. (1994). The moral animal Why we are the way we are. New York Pantheon.

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Hovey & Beard Company Case Essay

1. Discuss how the principles of job design and reinforcement theory drill to the carrying out problems at the Hovey and Beard Company. Principals of Job design exhibited at the Hovey and Beard Company, a production conjunction who made toys. Toy painters were experiencing the following problems New painters learned at a slower pace (making the other(a) painters lose notes on rewards per piece) the assembly line hooks moved too fast, painters blamed management. incentive pay wasnt adequate for workers and it was too hot working so close to the drying ovens. One painter, who worked with the corporation the longest, was appointed by other painters to address their concerns with the supervisor.Supervisor listened and worked closely with painters to address their concerns he worked well and bodied the goal setting theory with the painters. Changing the work design of the painters work station, management used a positive reinforcement theory to make the painters part of the soluti on. Management installed fans, installing a timer on the hook device fast, medium and slow, letting the workers choose the time of day to change the speed. film directors keep the incentives dismission with the learning bonus and the per piece reward. Also, update meetings were being held to keep everyone on the same page. Production was 50% higher.Other employees felt the inequity in the company, they were skilled labors and not making as much money as the painters, with this management stopped all incentives for the painters everything went back to the original work environment, because management felt the oppose reinforcement towards the skilled labors. Management should have looked into a more effective process. The supervisor, who managed the painters (equity theory), left the company to try on other employment2. Analyze the implementation problems using the performance diagnosis model in Chapter 7. endanger 7.6 Performance Diagnosis Model When analyzing the Performance D iagnosis Model, and answering no to the question Do both(prenominal) the boss and the coadjutor agree that the subordinates performance directs to be improved?, leads us to perception, by the subordinate. in that location are not different views between manager and subordinate. When the answered is yes and a subordinates performance necessitate to improve, three performance problems arise.1. Resource problem, subordinate does not have bounteous resource support he/she may need material, personnel support and cooperation from interdependent work groups. 2. Training problem, the subordinate may not have enough cookery/skills to adequately perm his/her job. 3. Aptitude problem, supplying subordinate with more resources for job performance, including more training if necessary. Manager can refit subordinate into different position or release employee from company. If the subordinates performance needs improvement and it is not a result of inadequate ability, it will than become a motivation problem. inadequacy of motivation from subordinate can stem from three different problems. 1. Expectation problems between subordinate and manager, swelled communication can lead to different views on job requirements and goals between manager and subordinate. 2. Incentive problems, subordinate does not feel his/her job performance makes a difference, he/she has not been given enough unravel back or reinforcements , no reward system either intrinsic or extrinsic from management. 3 Salience problem, a subordinate questioning whether or not rewards/incentives are worth his/her job performance.Manager may reinforce incentives and rewards, becoming more creative in the nature of the reward. Manager needs to be more flexible and creative with rewards, having his/her subordinates choose which is better for them and their job performance. The Performance Diagnosis Model is an comprehensible tool for managers to alleviate job performance problems, re-designing jobs, relocatin g subordinates to different positions if necessary, setting different goals that help job performance and using different methods of motivation, instead of concluding that poor performance from subordinates may stem from personality issues or bad attitudes.

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How are Transnationalism and Europeanisation transforming the political geographies of nation-States? Discuss, with examples.

AbstractTransnationalism and atomic number 63anistaion is the fantasy of downloading the structures of the European Union (EU) to the interior(prenominal) level.When implementing much(prenominal) structures, however, the changes that argon made deep down State territories be broaden to include dual-lane beliefs, rules, discourses, identities and policies. This, in outcome, seems to be a two way passage which provides territorial States with greater construe over the governmental geographies of their nation States. Although this affects the progression of a full unified EU, the same structures are still universe employed which demonstrates the overall impact Europeanisation has upon nation States. This study result examine the core Transnationalism and Europeanisation has upon the policy-making geographies of nation States and a demonstration as to how the semipolitical geographies of these States are transformed will be disposed(p). Introduction Transnationalism refers to the trans bank relations and interactions that exist amid individuals, firms, institutions and groups. In doing so, the cultural and political characteristics of nation States combine, which in bring leads to Europeanisation (Featherst whiz and Radaelli, 2003). Europeanisation is defined as an incremental process of re-orienting the direction and shape of politics to the extent that EC political and economic dynamics become part of the organisational logic of national politics and policy making (Howell, 2002 6). Overall, Europeanisation is the downloading, to the domestic help level, of European Union (EU) regulations, directives, regulations and institutional structures. Transnationalism and Europeanisation are therefore concerned with the inter-relationships mingled with individuals, States and territories, which transforms the political geographies of nation-States. This study will demonstrate how Transnationalism and Europeanisation transforms the political geograp hies of nation-States by reviewing relevant academic literature within this orbit and providing applicable examples of how Transnationalism and Europeanisation transforms the boundaries, divisions and obstinance of States. The difficulties with attaining completing EU consolidation will also be discussed, followed by a review as to whether the current processes are force outive or not. Overview of how Transnationalism and Europeanisation are transforming the political geographies of territorial StatesPolitical geographies of territorial States are defined by b lay outs, despite the fact that the EU intends to establish a to the full integrated system. Transnationalism and Europeanisation impacts the political geographies of such States by making a distinction between State sovereignty and European integration and subsequently abrogating State sovereignty (Jacobsson et al 2013 70). The understanding of Transnationalism and Europeanisation has, nonetheless, been extremely complex for some time, although Europeanisation is generally considered a paradigm of Transnationalism (Maria, 2010 1). Transnationalism and Europeanisation therefore describes the two way process of policy change that occurs between the EU and domestic governance structures. This is different from European integration, which relates to the one way process of the EUs impact upon genus Phallus States. Distinct structures of governance are thus created finished Europeanisation (Cowles et al, 2001 1) and consist of formal and informal rules, procedures, policy paradigms, styles, shared beliefs and norms (Featherstone and Radaelli, 2003 30).The development of these distinct structures of governance has, nonetheless, been considered to generate adaptational pressures that are conditioned upon the goodness of fit between EU and national policies (Cowels et al 2001 2). Accordingly, Europeanisation is a process of change whereby domestic structures are influenced by the processes of the EU syste m of governance. These are then utilise to shape the policy outcomes of domestic actors (Dyson and Goetz, 2003, 20), which is said to remove the borders of geographic territories within the EU. Regardless, borders are still authorized in helping to develop territories that are divided by State boundaries and in analysing modern political geography (Nelles and Walther, 2011 6). Boundaries also form part of an ideology and are effective in demonstrating the limits associated with territorial ownership and control (Herrschel, 2011 173). Borders are therefore necessary in distinguishing between territorial States. Since the Revolutions of 1989 overthrew the communist States, however, signifi empennaget transformations shed been made to the borders contained within the EU.The concept of Europeanisation has had a significant effect upon nation States, though at the same time it has developed multifaceted contours. This is due to the fact that it is such a contested notion and is result antly extremely difficult to define. It has, however, recently been described as a hearty act having politico-geographical motivations (Marciacq, 2012 1). Whilst there are many different conceptions of Europeanisation, it cannot be said that they are all equally sound. This causes controversy within the political geographies of territorial States and as argued by Driver (1991 268) what was once considered a moribund backwater is now fertile ground for original research and lively debate. Nevertheless, Europeanisation is the transnational flow of people, ideas, practices and customs crossways all EU borders (Ydesen, 2013 172). Not only does Europeanisation have an effect upon Member States, but it is also has an effect upon Non-Member States. This occurs as a result of the EUs co-operation with third countries and as expressed by neo-institutionalists the analysis of the organisational field of the external dimension of EU migration policy reveals interorganisational dynamics th at are likely to impact on the policy output in non-Member States and shape Europeanisation processes (Wunderlich, 2009 22). Development of the ArgumentEuropeanisation has transformed the political geographies of many territorial States and has had a positive impact upon the conflicts that occur between Member and Non-Member States, through integration and close tie beam (Featherstone and Radaelli, 2003). Nevertheless, as Germany and Poland have failed to integrate fully, much confliction still exists between the two territories (Kratke, 2007 1). The German side of the border is detrimentally affected, whilst the Polish side of the border has emendd economically (Nelles and Walther, 2011 6). One of the main objectives of Europeanisation was to ensure that States became fully integrated, however many barriers still exist. This has been described as an unnatural and dysfunctional unit (Ohmae, 1995 42), though it is ill-defined whether such borders will ever be fully discourteouse d up (Mingus, 2006 577). If the EU is to become fully integrated, this will be a necessary requisite although it is likely that many States will be disinclined to become borderless for fear that sovereignty will be undermined.In addition, borders are now world used in order to resolve many underlying issues that arise within the EU, such as immigration, abomination and environmental problems. As a result, borders are being recognised as having significant importance and although it is important that the EU becomes fully integrated, it is also necessary for effective controls to exist (Gabbe, 2010). Cross-border co-operation will be capable of allowing for the baring and furtherance of common interests and the acknowledgement of differences (ODowd, 2010 32). Arguably, it is clear that divides continue to exist within the EU and it is problematic whether these can be overcome given the cultural and political differences that exist within territorial States. Provided that State co -operate with all(prenominal) other, effective Europeanisation will be ascertained cross-border co-operation helps lessen the disadvantages of the border, overcome the periphery status of the border regions and improve the living standards of people in the area (Gronau, 2011 3). Therefore, if territorial States, such as Poland and Germany, co-operate with each other and plow the changes that are being created by Europeanisation, the problems that currently exist will be overcome.Cross-border boundaries produce many difficulties for the improvement of a fully integrated EU, yet it has been suggested that boundaries are actually fading away in the post-modern, globalized earth (Passi, 2010 678). Therefore, although Transnationalism and Europeanisation are transforming the political geographies of territorial States and establishing an integrated EU, territoriality still exists. It remains to be seen whether this will ever be any different given that boundaries are a symbol of sove reignty. Furthermore, because Europeanisation still has an impact upon Member and Non-Member States alike, it is dubious whether a borderless world is in fact needed since the structures of the EU are still being espouse regardless (Gabbe, 2010 3). Consequently, it appears in view of this that closed borders are primarily required to tackle immigration, crime and environmental problems and that as a result of Europeanisation, territorial States are adopting the structures of the EU regardless as to whether the borders are open or closed. Therefore, whilst a fully integrated EU would be advantageous, it cannot be said whether the drive for this exists as a real entity or a mere political entity.Transnationalism and Europeanisation have evidently transformed the management of borders both inside and outside the EU by striving for integration and co-operation. However, many believe that the protection Europe notion still exists (Willem, 2006 13). Since the Schengen Agreement was en tered into in 1995, however, the EU has become even more integrated. This has been considered one of the greatest touchments of the EU (European Commission, 2013 1). The Schengen Agreement provided the EU with an area that exists without internal borders, which provides individuals with the ability to circulate freely without being subjected to border checks. Whilst this makes it easier for citizens within the internal borders, tighter controls are placed upon the external borders to ensure the protection of those within the Schengen area (Alscher, 2005 126). This effectively creates a Fortress Europe on the external borders whilst creating a free Europe on the internal ones. Whilst Europeanisation transforms the political geographies of nation States, it is internalised differently and depends entirely upon the territorial States willingness to change.Therefore, whilst Europeanisation does strongly influence integration, it has been pointed out that the process is uneven at both th e domestic and regional level (Anastasakis, 2005 77). This is because at the regional level specialization and diversity continues to persist amongst countries and at the domestic level there is a constant battle between reform and reaction. Europeanisation is simply a process that territorial States are to adopt in order to achieve economic integration and create a set of ideals that are being conformed to by all EU Member States. Yet, the workability of this will depend entirely upon the willingness of territorial States. Co-operation amongst States should therefore be encouraged in order to overcome any problems that arise with regards to cross-border relations and to provide adequate protection to citizens. It is unlikely that this will be achieved with ease given the lack of co-operation that currently exists in territories such as Germany and Poland, yet provided that nation States have a common set of goals, any sensitivity that exists will be dealt with accordingly. Conclusi on Overall, Transnationalism and Europeanisation transforms the political geographies of nation-States by establishing common goals and desires that are to be adopted by all States within the EU. Whilst Europeanisation generally seeks to achieve an integrated Europe, territorial States are still being defined by borders. However, in spite of this Transnationalism and Europeanisation still impacts the political geographies of nation States by distinguishing between State sovereignty and European integration. Borders of geographical territories are said to be removed by Europeanisation, yet many borders still exist in order to maintain control and securitization. Europeanisation has, nevertheless, transformed the political geographies of many territorial States by positively impacting the conflicts that transpire between Member and Non-Member States. This is achieved through integration and close association, yet not all States have successfully integrated. This is due to the reluctan ce of States to terminate sovereignty. As a result, divides continue to exist within the EU, despite the attempts that have been made to the adoption of Europeanisation. Hence, it is questionable whether these divides can be rectified given the cultural and political differences that exist within territorial States. The attainment of a fully integrated EU seems to be affected as a result of this, yet the same structures of Europeanisation are still being incorporated regardless of the fact that cross-border boundaries are still being maintained by some States. Thus, because Europeanisation still impacts upon Member and Non-Member States, it is unclear whether a borderless world is needed given that borders help to tackle immigration, crime and environmental problems. Still, it is manifest that Transnationalism and Europeanisation does transform the political geographies of nation-States as a whole. References Alscher, S. 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Management Team Essay

A new ship team is defined as the group of founders, key employees, and advisors that move a new affect from an idea to a fully structural degenerate (Barringer & Ireland, 2010 p. 286). This team comes together for the social club as m oney allows or when they are need and unremarkably consist of a get on with of advisors, a board of directors, and other professionals on whom the party can rely on for direction and advice. putt together the new venture team can keep the gild from failing if the founding people do not adjust quickly in their new positions and if the founders do not have good communication with buyers and sellers (Barringer & Ireland, 2010).A factor that is critical to a new venture team as opposed to another kind of team is the decision of whether or not a build a company with a new venture team or to build the company on their own. Team ventures do have the advantage over single entrepreneur be consume the team brings more(prenominal) talent, resources, id eas, and professional contracts to the company. I believe I could bring educational experience and ideas to a new venture team. Having more than one founder also benefits everyone involved because the team can offer psychological validate to one another (Barringer & Ireland, 2010). Disadvantages of having a team versus a single entrepreneur are the team members whitethorn not get along and if partners start the company as equals conflict can arise when study offices are appointed by investors such as chief executive officer (CEO). coat and prime(prenominal) are two factors that are critical when putting a new venture team into place. Size affects the company in several ways when there is a team. As Barringer and Ireland state, (2010) teams that have worked together in the first place have an edge over companies with only anentrepreneur, because the team worked together before and they understand and trust severally other. These types of teams also communicate with one another a bout logical argument than teams that do notknow one another. Teams that are diverse in their abilities and experiences have different points of view about aspects of the company, such as technology, hiring decisions, and hawkish tactics, which can lead to decisions not being made. Teams can also be to large which can cause communication problems and conflict. Quality of a firm depends on the founders knowledge, skills, and experiences. These resources are more blue-chip than current assets or performance to a company, because of the potential they have for the company. The quality of former experience and higher(prenominal) education are attributes than will give the entrepreneur the chance to succeed (Barringer & Ireland, 2010).Since hiring for a new company can be very expensive, founders mustiness hire not only people that are drug-addicted for the position but also fits the position. When a business becomes a union a board of directors must be hired. The board of director s consists of a panel of individuals who are elected by the shareholders to oversee the management of the corporation (Barringer & Ireland, 2010, p.294). The board is composed of inside and outside directors. An inside director is one that is also an officer of the firm and an outside director is someone not employed by the firm. The board of directors would have to be equal to provide guidance and support to the managers. They would not only have to be able to heed and debate but also have skills and experience in the type of work they are overseeing so that questions could be answered. There are many things to look for in a board of directors decisiveness, mutual keep an eye on and regard for each other and strong ethics are just a few. Research conducted by Ensley, Pearson, and Amason (2002), under the upper echelon perspective, reports that there is evidenceof a relationship between top management fundamental interaction with employees and the companys performance.An advisory board should also be hired to offer valuable business advice. An advisory board is a panel of experts who are asked by the firms managers to provide hash out and give nonbinding advice on an ongoing basis, but assume no legal responsibility for the firm(Barringer & Ireland, 2010). A carefully chosen advisory board can offer experience and expertise in a variety of fields for a company. Some advisory boards consist of members that have as much if not more experience and expertise as the founders. Some founders also hire members they went to college with based on their academic performance ( Penrose, 2002). Advisory board members must have good communication and writing skills so as to be able to interact with each other, either in person, by telephone, or by e-mail.Putting together the right new venture team can be beneficial to the entrepreneur. The board of directors and the board of advisors, if put together correctly, can give the right advice through experience and expertise to the managers and higher aim personnel to make the company profitable.

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Week paper study mode

This allows for real time monitoring as well as report enervated analyses. However, there ar a hardly a(prenominal) cornerst atomic number 53 components that should be explored. The handler, Agent, NIB, Probe, SNAP, and ROOM are probably the most valued components. Let us assume with the Manager and Agent. These terms are precise similar in concept to the client/server relationship. The Manager/Agent relationship is an asymmetric communication type that works in a guidance, much similar a selectiveness. Take a envision to the anaphoric (Figure 1). You can realize how the manager acts as a client while the managed system acts as a server per SE.However, while animal, there is a deviation from the client/server that should be noted when applying it to the Manager/Agent relationship. Where there typically is many clients to one server, there are many agent to one manager. (Clime 77) So now that we have that straightened out, let us look at each role a little closer. The Manage r acts as the controller and newsman of the meshwork Management System. It can physically be either an coating or a user. typically the manager is an application that monitors various devices also known as internet Elements, (NEST) on a engagement.Theses network elements managed by he manager are considered Agents. Agents respond back to requests from the manager for information. They send back alert information about the devices and the overall network to the manager. This is how the manager updates the data it can produce to be subsequently analyzed by the Network Administrator or monitored in real-time. (Clime 77) If you look to the right (Figure 2), you can see an example of what the information might look like when reported back to the user. A Probe is the way the NIB retrieves the instances it stores.While the term probe may have many definitions, for our reposes, we exit define it as A probe is a program or other device inserted at a key roast in a network for the purpose of monitoring or collecting data about network activity. (Probe) So a probe can be used to gather information that will later be stored virtually in the NIB. A simple example of a probe is the very common Ping command. It sends out a packet to check for the existence of the EN on the Network. Next, lets look at one of the common protocols used in the Network Management System.Simple Network Management Protocol, commonly abbreviated as SNAP, is the rotator that enables a manager to communicate with the many agents on the network. SNAP operates on the application layer of the OSI model, due to it being a TCP/IP protocol. Every SNAP packet direct contains a community string a version number, and a command or response for the manager. (Network Monitoring Sofaare by Management Manager) Finally, the last Common component to handle is the ROOM. ROOM is short for remote monitoring. ROOM is basically a special SNAP NIB that enables managers to arrogate certain(prenominal) manag ement tasks to so-called ROOM probes. (Clime 307) As you can tell, the ROOM utilizes and interacts with a few of the other key component ants already mentioned. Some of the ROOM probe functions are the ability to create dividing lines of certain thresholds for alerts or creating a probe to run hourly for status of a certain instance. In conclusion, the Network Management System is used to monitor and manage a networks stability and smooth operation. The Manager, Agent, NIB, SNAP, and ROOM are five of the main components to a MS. Through the utilization of these components, a Manager can interact with agents on the network.

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Descriptive Eassy on Visit for Trip

Fear On The Autobahn With definitions of difficult words One a great deal experiences strange incidents in life. Such incidents remain etched in the memory lane. Scary or cheerful, my kickoff trip on the Lyari expressway can never be forgotten. Why not, for it is recorded in decimal point in my personal diary. Before the arrival of my cousins from USA, I believed myself to be a sort of an extremely live on wunderkind. It all changed later on that. Even my grandiloquence did not stop them from frightening me with hair-raising stories. Very soon, I had started to fear every nick and corner for what it may conceal.As a small child, I started believing in out-worldly people and in the fact that my cousins were clairvoyants and could see into the future. Along with these stories, my cousins had burst me with admiration for the autobahn on the Lyari River. I repeatedly tried to persist my over-burdened father into taking me for a ride, till he finally accepted my request. garmented s martly on that eventful day, I looked for all to see as the luckiest boy in the world. As a final blood curdle, my eldest cousin warned me that something bad could happen to me on the expressway. However, even his exemplar could not dampen my spirits before the ride.After 5 minutes of light-hearted singing (and unhesitating driving by my father), we finally reached the tollbooth of the autobahn. I could not stop myself from thinking whether the collector was an out-worldly creature or a human. Only when I discovered that his ears werent pointed but were round just like my ears was I convert of his being. After the toll had commanded over a little money from my fathers pocket, my father open(a) the car radio and started driving at a misfortunate cannonball along. He had a wonderful consciousness of schadenfreude when he learnt from the car radio that a car crash had occurred near the entrance of the expressway.The crash meant that in that location would be no other cars on t he autobahn, so my father could continue driving at his ridiculous speed. At this point of the narrative, I will blame my cousins for redirecting my thoughts. Their stories affrighted me for a long time, especially on the Lyari autobahn. I believed that every nick and corner would reveal a specially armed kidnapper. Then suddenly I saw the outline of a man running towards us and my blood ran cold. Many people order that reading too many books can be bad for you. I sincerely agreed with them after the incident.At that point of time, I imagined myself to be an African slave of the 1800s being shipped to the States. I prepared myself to be spare of my lederhosen and to be given a diet of kinkorn. I would be separated from my family and be thrashed by a myriad of people. Harrowingly, I told my father that a convict, who was brandishing a sword, was beckoning us to stop. Seeing my miserable face, my father started express joy uncontrollably, and almost crashed into a wall. After gazi ng at my surprised face, he told me that the convict was actually guard pointing to the speed limit which my father had been crossing.Chuckling, my father related that the guard had a much more powerful weapon system to brandish than a sword the guard had a gun After the afore-mentioned incident, I vowed never to spook little children with haunted stories. I advise all readers never to take a trip on an autobahn during the night. Autobahn expressway Wunderkind child prodigy Grandiloquence Grand gestures Clairvoyant Fortune-teller Schadenfreude Pleasure derived from someones hap Lederhosen Leather shorts Kinkorn Ancient wheat Myriad Large number Harrowing Extremely upset(a) Definations

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Separation Management in GlaxoSmithkline Case Study

Separation Management in GlaxoSmithkline - Case Study ExampleIt is the besides pharmaceutical company researching both medicine and vaccines for the WHOs three priority disease HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis & Malaria. As a company with strong foundations in science developed many drugs and spends heavily on R&D. GSK produces medicines that treat 6 major disease areas-Asthma, Virus control, infection, Mental Health, diabetes and digestive conditions.With the merger of top ii British companies Glaxo & Smithkline in 1998, GSK increasing leanings to the US in style and markets due to large US pharmaceutical markets. This merger and restructuring results in al to the highest degree, 15,000 jobs loss of global workforce. Almost 300 Sr. Managers has been made redundant. Spencer Stuart, an international recruitment consultancy, was brought into look into areas of potential overlap between business units rather than the universe of managers at the new corporation, and would give-up the ghost th e vital R&D and marketing teams intact. By bringing in a recruitment consultancy to direct out a management audit, to executives once again expected to develop a level performing field so that few key individuals were lured away. This fear was further supported by anecdotal evidence, which suggested that the most valuable executives were likely to jump ship to competitors before the merger process was over. It has been evident that a well-planned withdrawal management has been the part of GSK since its inception. GSK has spread over 116 countries but its policies and management of people/employees has always been based on the value of stringing for a balanced workforce and is pull to the principles of equal opportunity, equality of treatment, and creating a dynamic mode where diversity is valued as a source of enrichment and opportunity. All phases of employment relationship-including recruitment, hiring, training, promotion, compensation, benefits, transfers, separation and lea ves of absence- bequeath be carried out by mangers without regard to race, color religion, gender, age, sexual orientation ethnic or national origin, constipation or (in US) status as a disabled veteran or veteran of war exist. GSK oeuvre environment force every employee to treat one another with equal respect and dignity, comply will all relevant employment laws and regulations in the various countries in which it do business and encourage employees to history immediately to management or HR any incidences that are in consistent with their policies so that the GSK could be able to take corrective measures including separation from employment. GSK treat their employees with respect and dignity, encourage diversity and ensure sensible treatment through all phases of employment. GSK provide safe and healthy environment, which support employees to perform to their full potential. GSK is committed to conducting its business with honesty and integrity and with ethical behavior and c ompliance with applicable laws and regulations. As we know GSK operations has been spread across 116 countries and each have its own employment laws to follow, GSK has established a corporate ethical motive and compliance department to look into every aspect of employee business conduct and serious violation of formula results in separation from services. GSK employees have the responsibilities to comply with local legal requirements as well as GSK Policies &

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The Nitrogen Cycle Statistics Project Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6250 words

The Nitrogen Cycle - Statistics support ExampleAs a result, the salinity gradient was different along Kinvara Bay in magazine point 1 in comparison to condemnation point 2. The periplasmic reductase gene napa and the membrane-bound narG were presented in the sediments where Napa had a high affinity for nitrate in comparison to narG. Moreover, it was identified the presented bacteria in the utter were rather similar to those in Colne Estuary sediments, United Kingdom, back in 2007. (Smith et al., 2007). In general, the presented bacteria were from gamma proteobacteria, which is powerfully associated with Napa reductase gene. Overall, another extensive study is needed to fully understand the denitrifiers Napa and narG community and body structure in the environment. Further, quantitative polymerase chain reaction is necessary to quantify gene copy numbers of these devil genes (napA and narG) present in the environment. Sediments from time point 1 and 2 of all the trine sites were heated in the oven overnight to ignite the carbon. Subsequently, the samples were weighed to calculate the total organic carbon. Carbon source was considered as being critical in the denitrification process.Water salinity was measured by a Refractometer. This is quite an easy type of amount to account for salinity.Measuring the sediment salinity was accomplished through different steps. Primarily, distilled H2O was added to all sediments from the three sites from time point 1 and 2. The sediments were centrifuged and this allowed the flavour in the sediments to be dissolved in the water. The dissolved salt was then filtered and evaporated in the oven overnight, weighed, and then calculated. The sediments salinity was represented the different gradients through the three sites, from both time points 1 and 2.