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Creation Science Should Not Be Taught in Public Schools Essay

Since the first days of religious evolution, religion and science have continuously fought for their place under the sun. The system of public schooling has become the field of the violent bloody conflict between the two different systems of beliefs. While religious fundamentalists sought to use public schooling as the means of religious propaganda, teachers and education professionals were trying to prove the relevance and importance of teaching objective scientific knowledge. Given the tension between science and religion, as well as the overt subjectivity of religious beliefs, religion in general, and creationism in particular, should not be taught in public schools, to provide children with the freedom of religious choice and to expand their intellectual and knowledge opportunities. The national system of public schools was always torn between the two opposite (religious and scientific) educational visions. While children were given a unique chance to look deeper into the essence of scientific knowledge, philosophers, education professionals, and religious adherents were trying to prove that religion did have to be taught at schools. Generally, religion is not a matter of scientific danger; moreover, religion can serve the source of reliable and never changing ethical and moral truths. The problem is, however, in that in its current state religion consciously denies an opportunity to reconcile with the objectivity and relevance of science. Moreover, religion works to deny the relevance of science as such, thus distorting children’s attitudes toward the world and putting them into a controversial environment filled with assumptions, myths, and beliefs. True, creationism and evolution seem incompatible; but while â€Å"many scientists are deeply religious and see scientific investigation and religious faith as complementary components of a well-rounded life† (Ludden 577), it is religion that promotes hostility toward science. Moreover, apart from being spiritual guidance, the Bible in general and the science of creation, in particular provide â€Å"the refuge from the calamities of life† (Green 581), while present day children should be prepared to face the realities of life, instead of trying to escape them. In the light of these hostile intentions and attitudes, it is understandable why education professionals are reluctant to integrate the science of creation with the major curriculum disciplines. Unfortunately, religious adherents do not accept the need for objectivity, which scientific knowledge promotes at schools. Instead of making religion a supplementary element of public education, fundamentalists view religion and the science of creation as instruments of propaganda. As a result, religion imposes narrow (and mostly misbalanced) convictions and opinions on children. As science seeks to reconcile with religion and to accept religion as a different (but not the opposite) scientific viewpoint, religion seeks to deny the relevance of science and does not accept the mere opportunity for science to be the basic element of public school education. The Kansas Board of Education has already limited the scope of scientific education in public schools, and the concept of evolution is no longer taught and explained to children. â€Å"This central concept of biology will be diluted or eliminated, thus reducing courses to do something like chemistry without the periodic table, or American history without Lincoln† (Gould 59). That is why the science of creation should not be taught at public schools – not because it does not have the right to exist, but because it promotes distorted scientific visions, and does not provide children with a chance to embrace the benefits of scientific advancement. The science of creation should not be taught at schools because it narrows the scope of the public schools’ development to absurdity and reveals true scientific ignorance. The science of creation should not be taught at schools because it is not science, but a set of ideas and beliefs that have never been documented or proved. To a large extent, religion should not be the central element of public education, due to the fact that it denies the need for intellectual development; it does not stir children’s imagination and cannot serve the object of scientific inquiry. As a result, the science of creation with its continuous denial of objective scientific achievements in general and evolution, in particular, is nothing more but the instrument of anti-intellectualism (Gould 59) which cannot promote intellectual progress at societal level. Krauthammer states that creationism is not included into any serious curriculum of any serious country, which means that serious countries and serious curriculum designers realize the intellectual threats of which creationism is the source. Moreover, it appears that serious countries are more attentive to the secular and scientific needs of their citizens and actively work to minimize religious fundamentalists’ access to public education. In our country, however, public schools remind a kind of a battlefield, with children being the victims of this secular vs. religious fight. Evolution is the sign of the ongoing scientific and natural progress, while creationism is the science of conservation that denies the need for social progress. Religion is an invaluable element of the social performance in America, but it is relevant to the extent that does not distort the founding principles of public education, with objectivity and freedom of choice in its center. Objectively, it is a matter of ethical tolerance, and in this situation science can teach children to hold and reconcile with contradictory beliefs. Religion has already ceased to be the source of tolerance, and creationism cannot teach children anything beyond unnecessary denial of the major scientific findings. Conclusion Creationism should not be taught at schools. Given the negativity and scientific denial which it promotes, religion will create distorted learning atmosphere and will work to impose religious beliefs on children. Instead of being the source of ethical values, religion has turned into the tool of anti-intellectualism and scientific conservation. As a result, to teach the science of creation at schools will mean to deprive children of the stimuli to search, investigate, learn and promote scientific and learning progress. Works Cited Gould, S. J. â€Å"Dorothy, It’s Really Oz: A Pro-Creationist Decision in Kansas Is More Than a Blow Against Darwin. † Time Magazine, no. 154 (1999): p. 59. Green, P. â€Å"The Battle Over Creationism. † In F. D. White & S. J. Billings, The Well-Crafted Argument: A Guide and Reader, 3rd ed. , Wadsworth Publishing, 2007, p. 580-83. Krauthammer, C. â€Å"The Real Message of Creationism. † 1999. Time. 11 May 2009. http://www. time. com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,992623,00. html Ludden, D. â€Å"Teaching Evolution at a Christian College. † In F. D. White & S. J. Billings, The Well-Crafted Argument: A Guide and Reader, 3rd ed. , Wadsworth Publishing, 2007, p. 576-80.

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American History Since 1865 Essay

In the presidential election of 1912 there were two progressive candidates that impacted the landscape of America. Candidates Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson were the frontrunner of the 1912 election. This election changed the country in ways that we as Americans can feel today. These two candidates spawned a progressive movement from a place where many American felt as if their government fell to help out the man on the ground doing the work. In a time when there was a big disparity between the rich and the poor throughout the country because of capitalism the President McKinley was assassinated to usher in Theodore Roosevelt. Although he became the President because he was the Vice President at the time of the assassination, Roosevelt’s charisma and his talent for public speaking made him a popular president. His ability to relate to the common man wasn’t the only thing that created favor among the masses; his policies while in office gave played a major role in his popularity. Let’s take a look at some of them. Roosevelt was a person that cared for the people, and as such when the popular book â€Å"The Jungle† by Upton Sinclair brought the countries attention to the meat and how it was packaged. The book told of the horrible unsanitary conditions that the Chicago meatpacking industry used to package their meats. The President then conducting his own investigation, after finding out that conditions were worst then what was in the book he acted quickly signed into law the Food and Drug Act. Thinking of the people and their conditions Roosevelt created what is known today as the Food and Drug Administration. This is just one of the things that President Roosevelt accomplished while in office, showing that he had the welfare of the country in mind. As President Roosevelt’s foreign policy played a major role in making America a superpower. With the creation of the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine, President Roosevelt told the world that the United States would police the nations of Central America, northern South America, and the Caribbean. This wasn’t because we wanted to be nice, but it was to protect the interest of European investors and America’s economic interest (Mitchener and Weidenmier, 1941). This showed that President not only had the people’s welfare in mind but he had the financial future of the country n mind as well. During the election of 1912 there were two big Progressive Candidates that ran in this election. We covered some of the accomplishments/views of Theodore Roosevelt during his presidency before this election period, now let look at the Woodrow Wilson’s views. â€Å"I am, therefore, forced to be a progressive, if for no other reason, because we have not kept up with our changes of conditions, either in the economic field or in the political field. We have not kept up as well as other nations have. We have not kept our practices adjusted to the facts of the case, and until we do, and unless we do, the facts of the case will always have the better of the argument; because if you do not adjust your laws to the facts, so much the worse for the laws, not for the facts, because law trails along after the facts. Only that law is unsafe which runs ahead of the facts and beckons to it and makes it follow the will-o’-the-wisps of imaginative projects. † (Wilson, 1913) In this statement that Wilson made he shows his feeling of why he is a progressive. Just as Roosevelt, Wilson felt as if the government was doing too much, yet not enough for people. So during the 1912 election he found himself running on a New Freedom platform where he wanted to limit federal government and fight the monopolies. He did this by addressing Tariffs, Banks and Business. He was successful in lowering tariff on such things as woolen, steel rails, raw wool, and iron ore. Now when he did this he brought back the federal income tax which hadn’t been in existence since the days of the civil war. Wilson used these federal income taxes to help run our government that he campaigned need to be limited. This federal income tax we are still paying today and we still haven’t limited government’s control over us. By addressing Banks I think that Wilson was able to help the agriculture industry and hurt the country’s finical status in the long run. With the Federal Farm loan Act farmers were able to cover the increasing cost of land. This helped the agriculture industry, but the Federal Reserve System created a system where the country was able to stabilize prices of goods in the country, and mange long term interest rates. I know you’re asking how is this a bad thing, to which I reply â€Å"Housing Market. † I think that if you owned a house or even watched the news you know that this when our system failed us. Thanks Wilson. As far as the Business Wilson was able to establish the Federal Trade Act. This Act was established to deter business from conducting unfair trade practices. The Federal Trades Act allowed its member to investigate and take action on companies who practice unfair trades. Summary In his campaign to change the Country through a New Freedom Woodrow Wilson beat out the more popular Theodore Roosevelt. The changes that Roosevelt made in office and the promises of a new and improved government did not fair that well against the promise of less government in the New Freedom that Woodrow Wilson offered during his campaign. The two Progressive Presidents stood for the betterment of the people and the removal of these giant corporations in the government. They both accomplished this in their own way, yet they did it differently.

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REFLECTIVE EASSY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

REFLECTIVE EASSY - Essay Example The teacher had an excellent mastery of content and commented on all of my assignment. My participation in the class and the tests I have done were a great deal to me. They helped me be more confident and aware of what I was learning. If I could improve on my punctuality maybe, I could grasp everything that was being taught in the class. I also feel like more homework’s, and group discussion could have improved my performance. However, I did the best in class participation that helped me in gaining the knowledge. Every topic was well explained, and I understood each concept. However, for the sake of those who are slow learners, I would recommend more practical on the topic. Instructors should not focus on the theory part only but engage the students on practical to make us improve our understanding. Measuring my future effects according to my personal review including what I have understood from the course; I accumulated lots of knowledge and know the knowledge will guide me on achieving my future goals. The practical I have also done I can apply them in my profession in the

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Environmental Economic, What is the theory of Coase and has it any Essay

Environmental Economic, What is the theory of Coase and has it any bearing on policies for the control of environmental pollution - Essay Example Now when the steel manufacturer makes his balance sheet he won't include these external costs into profit and loss statement for he pays nothing for that. The solution in this case may be that the government tells the company how much it can pollute air or it may impose the taxes depending upon the amount of the pollution it causes, called Pigovian taxes. This was the general theory followed before Coase came up with his theory (The Swedes Get it Right, 1). Coase approach: Coase begins by giving the example of straying cattle, which destroys the crops in the neighborhood land. In this case we get more cattle i.e. the meat at the expense of the crops. Thus we can get either the crops or the meat. The answer lies simply in deciding the value of what we obtain at the expense of value of what is sacrificed. Thus Coase gives prime importance to the value of the product (1). In this example Coase considers various options. Suppose if the value of the meat is more than the value of the crops in that case the cattle raiser may give some compensation to the farmer by mutual understanding. If the value of the crops on the other hand is more than the value of the meat in that case the farmer may build the fencing to protect its crops from the cattle and demand some compensation for doing so. In other case, if the farmer is not using some part of land he may allow the cattle bearer to use that land at some fixed costs agreed upon by both. There is also the possibility that if the cattle bearer finds that by increasing the number of the cattle he can get much more profits and he could easily pay the farmer all the cost of the crop in that case he may just compensate the farmer for completely stopping the growth of the crops. There is one more angle to these discussions. If the farmer had the initial rights to use the land for the crops, then the cattle bearer bargains with the farmer to allow the cattle rising in his vicinity. While if the cattle raiser has the initial rights to raise the cattle in his vicinity then farmer has to bargain with the cattle bearer so that his cattle create least damage to his crops (Coase, 2). In either way, what is important to come up with the solution is the value of the product that is be obtained and of the product that is sacrificed. The greatest thing is that the problem is solved by the mutual discussions and the contract is raised among the concerned parties, which benefits all. Here there is no involvement of the government, no regulations and no political or the beurauracratic proceedings. However, one of the most important things to understand is the fixing of the property rights which plays the dominant role in the success of the Coase method (Swedes Get it Right, 1). In the example considered by Coase the property rights belong to only the two persons, the cattle raiser and the farmer. Here it is quite easy for the two parties to get involved in the discussions and come out with some contract. In case of the example of steel plant if the plant owners have the initial rights to production and create pollution then the residents will bargain with the manufacturer to create the least possible pollution. In this case the residents may make some payments to them to either use some methods to stop the pollution

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Does History Repeat itself Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Does History Repeat itself - Research Paper Example Today, we still relive the sinking of Titanic. The truly amazing invincible ship created by mankind was said to be unsinkable. Now we glance back and say if perhaps those who work in charge might have listened. There are several events in everyday life that warrant listening, or even the outcome may cause the painful regrets. Then, you will find others which are like water on the duck’s back; you are able to shake them back. Whenever we don’t remember to learn from history, it’s determined to repeat itself. There's a prediction in the Bible that will repeat itself, and the sad thing is that people still won’t listen (Gary L. Pleasant). Based on some school of thoughts, â€Å"The things which took place within history will never be same happening in present. Instances might occur which are similar, but they are never exactly similar. To investigate this statement we must know precisely what's meant by the phrase ‘History always repeats itself’ . History is written down records of the past, but there might be several versions of the event. Always means all the time, constantly, constantly and continuously. And repeat means something which happens over and over without exceptions. Therefore the statement means an event needs to occur continuously in the same situation again and again over time, with similar factors influencing it. It's impossible for something to occur over and over without exception also it being exactly the same as time before, because things are never stand still; also it can never be the same as the previous time (Harbison, 1990). Based on another school of thoughts, history record of events, as of the life span and development of people or institution, often including a reason of or commentary on those events. History includes a long and wide perspective for example the histories of people, the greater society as in historical events, kings, queens, wars, a history of Vikings, chronicle of volcanoes an d natural events, an inmate with history of drug abuse, chronicle from the rivalry, history of Shakespeare etc. Chesterton continues this simile the following: â€Å"Without some such contrast or comparison, without some such shifting from the perspective, we ought to see nothing whatever in our own social surroundings. We ought to take them for granted since the only possible social surroundings.† (Scott, 2007) Undoubtedly â€Å"history does repeat itself†; being human no-one can ever appear to go above greed, envy, hatred, blood lust, and desire to have power, resulting engage in same scenarios again and again. Taking into consideration illustration of 1812, when Napoleon headed French Troops into Russia for number of reasons. Only because of insufficient proper planning entire invasion along with a tendency to reside from the land drawn in early pushes, Napoleon’s Army was defeated through the Russian weather. Likewise in 1942 Hitler ordered about 4. 5 millio n German along with other Axis troops to invade into Russia, due to the fact he thought simple to use target. Because of insufficient proper planning full extent of invasion and ability of the Soviet Army to trade land and soldiers for time, Hitler’s Army was defeated. Both in examples the leaders exceeded their grasp seriously underestimated the resolve from the Russian/Soviet people and government. Logistical difficulties reared their head, due to the

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Privacy is not the most important right Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Privacy is not the most important right - Essay Example Different nations, religions and communities have marked differences in the idea to the extent to which a person is authorized to keep his personal data and information private and what is the boundary limits for another person or body to interfere into the private life and data of the other person or body or organization. Some nations and religions believe that privacy is a fundamental right of the people and they must be free to practice privacy to any extent. It is also considered that it is the right of a person that no one other than the person concerned can interfere in the private data; in fact it is against the law and a serious crime to break into the private data of a person without his acknowledgement and permission (Starkey, 2012). But privacy is not the most important right of a person or an organization. It a fundamental right but not the most important right. Privacy is important in one’s life because without privacy it would become impossible for a person to live his own life; he would just become a puppet ruled by others. But other than right of privacy there are certain other rights that are ranked far more important and necessary for a person to live a peaceful and serene life. For a person to remain happy and spend a satisfied and contended life he must be given the freedom to speak out his voice, his ideas and views. He must be allowed to give suggestions regarding any issue; he must have the freedom to speak against or for an issue in public without the fear of getting any sort of harm. The person must be free from all sorts of fear if he speaks out the truth in front of the people or the leaders. It is the right of the people that the government assures the people that they will be listened a nd their ideas accepted if possible and they will not be provided with any sort of harm or difficulty regarding their views or opinions that have been presented by them. Without having the

Mortgage Market in the United States Case Study

Mortgage Market in the United States - Case Study Example However, the low interest rates offered by mortgage lenders as well as the requirement to service the mortgage debts of the home owners in relation to their higher take home pay will not bring back the sad economic scenario in the 1990s era. Also the high value attached to the homes has triggered the money lenders to enter into the home mortgage and the chattel mortgage economic market. Currently, the fixed costs that goes with maintaining a home is no longer as expensive as the mortgage homes of the early part of the 1990s(2003;p.5). Despite the unfortunate beginnings in the latter part of 2002 and until 2003, many people contributed to the economy by continuing their spending spree at moderate speed. This was one of the major factors that prevented the increase in severity of the economic downturn. Thus, government monetary policy theory states that the state must intervene in order to create a competitive economic environment (Roberts,2000;pp 77). In addition, Marshall theorized that people have the normal attitude of preferring to spend instead of saving their money in His Principles of Economics book as " Everyone is aware that the accumulation of wealth is held in check, and the rate of interest so far sustained, by the preference which the great mass of humanity have for the present over deferred gratifications, or, in other words, by their unwillingness to 'wait'"(Keynes, 1936; pp.242) The supply and demand theory states that as the mortgage interest increases, the number of borrower demands will decrease. And, the supply theory states that as the mortgage interest rate increases, the number of mortgage lenders will increase(Graziano, 1987;p129-145). Both theories state meet when the mortgage lenders lower their interest rates in order to attract more borrowers. For, the best mortgage interest rate that will make both the mortgagor borrower and the mortgagee lender happily meet in the middle is the equilibrium rate. In terms of mortgagor purchasing power, the timely increases in the take home pay off household owners as well as the gains in disposable personal income starting June of 2003 countered the ill effects of the consumer's spending spree. As proof, the share of personal consumption on Gross Domestic Products had reached a whopping seventy percent in the year 2004. For clarity, consumer spending is arrived at taking into consideration the increase in real permanent income, fluctuations in market prices and demographic factors(Su, 2005;p10). MORTGAGE RATE GRAPH Under the theory known as Markowitz economic model, the investors, including the mortgage lender, want to maximize expected return from their investments and minimize variances. For variance is synonymous with risk(Culp, 2001;pp.48-113). Thus, the lenders charge higher interest rates for more risky mortgage borrowers. The above graph shows that there are fluctuations in the mortgage interest rates from the period Aug 2, 2007 to Sept 27 2007. The graph shows that the Thirty -year mortgage rates had declined starting in the middle of July. Then decline trendily continued to decline until

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An Overview of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

An Overview of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy - Essay Example As a result, Congress recently passed the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act 2005. This Act makes a number of significant changes to the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy framework (The New Bankruptcy Law: np). One major change is the need for all debtors considering bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 to undergo credit counseling. This counseling is designed to aid debtors in determining whether bankruptcy is truly necessary and how a repayment plan might be worked out. Significantly, debtors must select an approved credit counselor. In addition, an income test is now applied to determine whether filers are eligible for the more popular Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. To this end, a "means test" is employed to evaluate disposable income and to classify debts as secured, unsecured, and the degree of priorities. Another requirement imposes higher ethical duties on bankruptcy lawyers so that the attorneys must personally vouch for the accuracy of all information provided by the debtor. The expected effect is to make it somewhat more difficult and more expensive to retain a bankruptcy lawyer.

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Advantages and the Use of Online Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Advantages and the Use of Online Business - Essay Example This paper tells that the internet is a fast and easy sharing tool of information, which makes it the most important tool of the new era. The Internet has been the catalyst for the change and development of the business world in the generation. It has become indispensable for the companies to gain the maximum benefit with lower fixed costs and investments, through their resources. This is done by using the most efficient manner to compete with rivals in terms of crises. Aydin & Kavaklioglu uses content analysis method in their study on the website to make sales directly to the final consumer over the internet. This website was formed in 2009 under a low budget but established a customer group in a spell. Low investment costs and low fixed costs benefits, made e-commerce much more attractive for other companies. Besides the low costs, Baird notes that e-commerce may reach to a large geographical area with unlimited boundaries of service time and provide a great competi tive advantage to the businesses. For example, in the retail industry, merchandise assortments can increase inventory carrying costs and expenditures, which are caused by product returns. To control these costs, many retailers have maintained relatively few stock-keeping units (SKUs), which yield a pattern of awareness in sales commonly known as the 80/20 rule and described by the Pareto Principle. Another example is that some people have claimed that the surge of Internet retail activity can dilute this concentrated pattern of sales by lowering consumer search costs. As a result, they have argued that Internet commerce may contribute to an expansion in the share of sales by niche products, thereby creating a longer tail in the distribution of SKU sales. This phenomenon may ultimately make it more attractive to sell a greater variety of SKUs without incurring excessive carrying and product return costs.

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What is productivist agriculture; what are its related problems and Essay

What is productivist agriculture; what are its related problems and how and why is agriculture changing in the UK - Essay Example which facilitated the continued expansion of agricultural production. Other conceptualizations have stressed on the frequently environmentally destructive nature of productivist agriculture, based on the maximisation of food production through the application of ever-more intensive farming techniques and biochemical inputs (Wilson, 2007: 80). Thesis Statement: This paper proposes to identify the implications of productivist agriculture, determine the problems related to productivist agriculture, and investigate the ways in which, and the reasons why agriculture is changing in the United Kingdom. Productivist agriculture is conceptualized mainly as industrially driven agriculture for production of high quantities of food, which is strongly supported by the state through subsidies and a productivist policy regime. Productivism should be seen as the practice of using farmland to its full potential, creating a mechanistic landscape appearance that reflects the production process. Productivism is also referred to as an era that is a significant part of 20th century historical development in agricultural change, mostly as a reaction towards food shortages after the Second World War† (Egoz et al, 2001: 177). The productivist era lasted from 1945 to mid-1970s. During the years of the second world war from 1939 to 1945, many rural areas underwent a marked increase in their economic conditions. As part of the war effort, the government initiated a â€Å"ploughing up† campaign in order to reduce reliance on imported food. In compliance with the Barlow and Scott reports the initiatives facilitated a transformation in the government’s approach to the rural economy in the post-war years. Governmental policy promoted the preservation of rural land for agricultural production. The economy entered the productivist era, while there was increasing tension between

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Hiding from Reality Essay Example for Free

Hiding from Reality Essay The American Dream is exactly what it says, a dream. When people describe what they think the American Dream is, it is a utopia where there is no wrong in the world. Reality check, nothing or no one is perfect, this country will always have its faults but it’s the citizens job to make their country the best it can possibly be. Bob Herbert, a columnist for the New York Times, believes that no matter what we do this country will forever be in a sad shape, and unfortunately I agree. There are too many negatives than positives in this country and until we can switch that the United States will continue to live in distress. Major issues like the economy, budget deficits and warfare over seas are keeping the country in a constant panic, and until these are resolved the American Dream will only be a fantasy. Studies show that the economy has improved ever since the Great Recession of 2009, but it seems as if we’re at a standstill and have been for a long time now. Thousands of jobs are being created in power plants, yet some school districts just let go of half of their teaching staff for budget purposes. Information from the Pew Hispanic Center tell us that, â€Å"Foreign-born workers in the U.S. gained 656,000 jobs while native-born workers lost 1.2 million. But even as the hiring of immigrants picked up during that period, those same workers ‘experienced a sharp decline in earnings.’† The Pew Hispanic Center’s point is that the U.S. should never discriminate against the foreign-born workers, but with these statistics our country should develop an economy where anyone who wants to work can and be able to live a standard life with their families. Along with the economy, budget deficits are greatly impacting the nation. The wreckage from the recession and the new crash programs are doing nothing to help get us out of the hole we’re in today. The U.S. believes that we can continue to spend trillions of dollars on overseas warfare and somehow that money will find its way back into our economy and everything will be fine. Wrong, because of the amounts of money spent on warfare, state and local governments are challenged with having to reduce services. Examples are: cutting their work forces, hacking away at health and pension benefits, and raising taxes and fees. These services that are reduced for everyone are leaving some of the most vulnerable people- the children, the sick, the elderly and disabled- disadvantaged and incapable of living a standard life. Until we start focusing solely on America and getting back to the way it was before, we may never come out of this recession. In the end there is no such thing as a perfect society, or utopia. But that does not mean that we shouldn’t try to make improvements to help rebuild our country. Bob Herbert is right when he says this country will always be in a sad shape, that’s because as of right now there is little to no effort in rejuvenating our nation. There will always be unemployment and inflation, that’s inevitable, but things we can stop are warfare overseas and budget deficits. Reform is possible, we just have to focus solely on our nation and our nation only

Importance Of Insurance Sector Economics Essay

Importance Of Insurance Sector Economics Essay The study is about the performance analysis of insurance sector of Pakistan. Financial safety is not stable in todays world. It does not matter how big earnings we have for a month or how huge savings we have there are often situations beyond our expectations or control. We cannot make us safe completely. This is why we need to take all the safety measures to secure our financial state and our lives as well. And to do this the best way is to have insurance. Insurance can be the best safe measure for the financial losses and the loss of life. Even if anybody has huge savings secure in a safe place there can always be some type of catastrophe that can pull out all of the savings. In such kind of situations insurance can only be the security measure that makes anybody safe and secure. When a contract is made with an insurance company that contract is called insurance policy. Insurance is basically a transfer of risk for transferring the risk on the company in return insurer must pay som e agreed amount called the premium. A company may cover all the loss or some part of it depending upon the policy. Insurances policies or contracts purchased when anybody feel that it is not possible to bear the loss completely. For example sudden health condition like any accident, heart attack, or anything else that may cause a serious loss of life or permanent loss or injury. In the same way financial accident may happens like house burn, theft, car accident, or property stolen or any business liability. These things are so expensive that anybody cannot pay all these losses or some of them from own pocket or savings. In these kinds of situations insurance helps a lot a person pays a small amount of money for the promise that a loss will recovered if any accident happens. Insurance is nothing but an agreement between an insurance company and a person to pay an amount for compensation in shape of occurring a loss of insured property or life. The amount can vary from a thousand to millions depending upon the insurance policy and premium agreed. Importance of Insurance Sector Insurance sector is very important sector in any economy. Because individuals and companies keep investing in new ideas in new businesses and in new ways of doing businesses. For doing that individuals and companies have to take a lot of risks and to avoid that riskiness or loss of investment or other important resources companies and individuals go for insurances to protect their investments or transfer of risks. In Pakistan insurance industry is 7th largest industry of the whole economy. Pakistan is a large country having a population near about 200 million of which majority are Muslims. As a religious belief many people avoid insurance to improve their living standards. About 65% of the population lives in rural areas and 60% to 70% people live below poverty line and their earnings are less than 2$ a day as a result less income to spend a less educated people as a result insurance industry in our country could not grow well as compare to other countries in the world. Economic Impact Insurance industry in Pakistan known as inadequate and in efficient less innovative products of insurance and monopoly of single state own insurance company name as state life insurance company of Pakistan. In 2001 state life insurance captured 80%of the total insurance market of Pakistan. And in 2005 the share was 74% of the total market. Though the share of state own company has go down in last few years and the share of private companies has increase a lot. But still insurance sector in Pakistan could not grow as compared to the international standards. The major reason of not growing the insurance industry in Pakistan is that the people are more religious and avoid insurances and companies do not offer innovative insurance products. Further insurance is divided in to two parts one is life insurance and the other is general insurance. In general insurance all other insurances include other than life insurance. Now five insurances companies are dealing in life insurance business of which four are private owned companies and one is state owned company. Out of those four private companies two are local life insurance companies and remain two are operating as foreign insurance companies. Performance and Growth Till 2005 the total amount received from policy holders in shape of premium 62% of total premium is of general insurance and remaining is of life insurance. Life insurance requires more capital. (SECP, 2007). About life insurance life insurance is divided into two major parts individual life insurance and group life insurance. Individual life insurances have big part in life insurance business which is 79% of total life insurances. And 20%share of group life insurances both group and individual life insurances have a 99% share of total life insurances. The other reaming 1% of total life insurance is of pension plans, health insurances, and children education plans etc. (SBP Report, 2005) If we see historically major life insurance business is owned by state owned company which is state life insurance company. State life insurance corporation or (SLIC) of Pakistan is the only government owned corporation that was made by merging 41 insurance companies in process of nationalization in early 1970(SBP, 2005). From that time state life insurance corporation became the leader insurance company in the country and having a 76% share of life insurance business. (SBP Report, 2005) Through the share of state life insurance corporation has decreased as compared with past but still state life insurance corporation has the major portion of the life insurances. But compare to international markets Pakistani market do not grow that much compared with other countries. There is urgent need for government to take steps to aware the people of Pakistan that insurance is beneficial for them so that the market may grow quickly and more investment come in Pakistan which is ultimately good for local economy and people of Pakistan. (Annual reports of life insurance companies 2001-2005) The above picture shows the overall performance of the insurance business in Pakistan done in the years of 2001 to 2005. The average growth in profits were almost 14% which a very handsome growth in a developing country. And the average ROA means return on assets is .4% which is a good result. Return on assets shows one rupee of asset generated the percentage of profit. Now about general insurances national insurance is the only state owned company that deals in the general insurance business in the country. Where as many private companies deals in the business of general insurance. There are five major categories of general insurance motor insurance, fire insurance, marine insurance, health insurance, and last one called miscellaneous insurance. Motor insurance having the largest share of 48% of total general insurance business. The reason behind this huge share is increasing number or cars on the road. Marine insurance having a share of 21% of total general insurance business. It is linked with the international exports and imports of services and products. Fire insurance is having a share of 18% of total of general insurance business and it is linked with the growth of industrial and construction business. Health insurance is having a 6% share of total of general insurance business. And miscellaneous insurance having a remaining share of 7% which includes aviation insurance, cash insurance and travel related insurances. (Insurance association of Pakistan, 2006) General insurances business is largely dominant by private companies, Government owned company having a share of 14% of total of general insurance business. Whereas a huge share is owned by the private sector companies which is 82% of the business of general insurances. And remaining 4% share owned by foreign companies. In the past few years Government owned companies have lost their share in the business of general insurances. (Insurance Association of Pakistan, 2006). The general insurance business has shown an outstanding performance in terms of profits. The average increase in profits over the five years was 52% per annum. And if talked about the return on assets it also showed a great result. The overall return on assets for over a five year period was 8%, which is a remarkable outcome. (Annual Reports of General Insurance Companies, 2001-2005) Now about the overall performance of insurance companies, before this section the individual performance of life and general insurances business was shown. In this section comparison of both life and general insurance would be shown which would show the overall picture of insurance industry of Pakistan. The map below shows the growth of premium, net profit growth and assets growth for life and general insurance business as well. The map below gives a comparison between general and life insurance premium for the five year period. The overall average growth in life insurance business has been 28% per annum. The average rate of growing of the general insurance business has been 22% per annum. Which means life insurance business is growing greater than general insurance business. (Annual Reports of Insurance Companies, 2001-2005) The below map will show the growth in profits of life and general insurance business over five year period. The average growing rate for the life insurance business has been 14% every year. And the average growing rate for the general insurance has been 52% a year. It clearly shows that the profits of general insurance business have grown much faster than the life insurance business. (Annual Reports of Insurance Companies, 2001-2005) History of the Selected Companies Jubilee Life Insurance Jubilee life insurance claims to bring global skills to Pakistan. For more than 15 years Jubilee life insurance doing business in Pakistan and claims to provide a better life, and the life of security and safety. Jubilee life insurance established in Pakistan in June 1995 as a public company, under the companyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s ordinance 1984. Jubilee life insurance starts its operations on June 1996. Jubilee life insurance companies shares are listed on stock exchange with paid up capital of 627 million rs. Jubilee life insurance proud to be having leading industries board of directors, and having the ability and experience to give Jubilee life insurance a better future for the people of Pakistan. Jubilee life insurance is under the Aga khan fund for economic development Switzerland. It is the monetary growth wing of Aga khan development network. It is a group of private agencies development looking for improvement of living conditions in selected areas of under developed countries. The association of Jubilee life insurance with Aga khan development network permits to attracts its worldwide knowledge and funds to give our customers in Pakistan with the finest insurance option already there in the country. Jubilee life insurance customers can be feeling safe in information that our process are secured by a globally accepted organization with worldwide excess. With popular assignments around Africa and Asia, Aga khan fund for economic development is one of the world leading private growing organizations active in the whole industry. EFU

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Media Representations Of Mental Illness Sociology Essay

Media Representations Of Mental Illness Sociology Essay Mass Media plays an important role in the way society perceive mental illness and the people suffering from it. This essay will examine how mass media in the United Kingdom reports and portrays mental illness and how this representation negatively and positively affects societys perceptions of people suffering with mental illness. There are various definitions of mental illness. Judge Lawton (1974 ) describes mental illness as a word without proper definition linked to legal significance. Rogers and Pilgrim (2005) outlined that there is no proper definition brought by the legal framework of psychiatry. This frame emphasise mental disorder as linked to various criminal acts. The meaning of mental illness has become a controversial debate, with some sociologists arguing that it is about illness rather than being social deviance. In British law the notion of mental illness has come from the notion of mental disorders. The British Law does not give a clear definition regarding mental illness. It defines mental illness as a mental disorder as† an impairment of or disturbance in the functioning of the mind or brain resulting from any disability or disorder of the mind or brain† (Department of Health, 2004, p3, 5 cited in Rogers and Pilgrim2005, p8). Baker and Menken, (2001) cited in Rogers and Pilgrim (2 005) argue that reject the notion of regarding brain disorders as being a mental illness as misleading people to acquire knowledge about some brain disorders which are not physical ailment. Mass media refers to a range of media which convey information to the general population including radio, television, newspapers and all forms of publications in global age. Giddens (2006) distinguishes variety forms of mass media such as the press, cinema. In the report by Harris (2004), Anderson (2003), a British sociologist, claims that there has been an increase in mass media interest on issues relating to community care for the past decade and that there has been a growth of mass media interest on the institutionalisation of people with mental illness. He argues that newspapers have a great influence when reporting violent incidents of people with mental illness. Philo et al (1994) emphasizes that media has an impact on the public view of mental illness as people beliefs are based on their past experiences and judgements. Mass media has significant role to play in the stigmatisation of people with mental illness. Theoretically, the current mass media give a very bad image to people with mental illness by labelling them as being dangerous, violent and criminals. Cutcliffe and Hannigan (2001, p315) argues that the inappropriate representation of mental illness in mass media increases stigma, harassment and victimisation of individuals by the public. This has led to some theorists like Goffman, (1961) cited in Busfied (2001. p10) to define mental illness as â€Å"process of rejection, stigmatisation and social exclusion. Mass media may provoke strong passions which lead to a number of homicide over last forty years (Clutcliffe and Hannigan ( 2001). They also argue that government policy such as legislation concerning care has no clear provision of the care of people with mental illness in the society. As a result people with mental illness remain institutionalised. According to Anderson (2003, p298) sur vey shows that there is high incidents of homicides involving a person suffering of mental illness. He claims that mass media is the most powerful form in portraying those incidents. The newspaper report in 1994 of Stephen Laudat‘s case who was suffering from schizophrenia is one of the example how media portrays people with mental health. The media identifies him as â€Å"killer who should not have gone to jail†( Anderson, 2003, p298). Anderson claims that newspapers have great influence to the wider society when reporting violent incidents of people with mental illness. Some of the studies and researches carried by some psychiatrics draw the idea that people are strongly influenced by the language the mass media use in reporting incidents of people with mental illness. Apple and Wessley(1988) cited in Cutcliffe and Hannigan (2001) suggest that situations as real have a linkage to the style the information is represented and they become real in their consequences. Mass media represent negative effects of mental illness to the wider society, mainly dominated by episodes of violence (Giddens 2006). Violence can be defined as â€Å"a threat or use of force directed against the self or others in which physical harm or death is involved†. Harns (2004, p19). He argues that there are imbalances of press coverage of mental health issues reinforcing stigma and disempowering the quality of life to the sufferers. MIND , one of the leading organisation of people with mental disorders in the UK also argues that press coverage such as in the Sun newspaper convey strong messages to the public and give biased information which gives people negative view of people with mental health problems. According to a 1993 survey carried by Scottish Mental Health Working group it has been found that within five categories of mass media,† violence to others was 62%, harm to self 13%, sympathetic to others 18%, criticism of accepted definition of mental illness (1%) and comic images 2%† (Cutcliff and Hannigan2001 p316). It can be noted that in the above survey, violence coverage came up with the highest percentage which significantly means that peoples beliefs are based on what the media convey to them. However, Mackeown and Clancy (1995) cited in Anderson (2003)) emphasize that media have different degree of intensity on people who once have mental illness. Media may provoke strong passions and lead to violence. On the other hand it maybe relative minor information conveyed by media and have only limited relevance to every day life. In addition, Signorielli (1989 and Wahl 1992 cited in Cutcliffe and Hannigan 2001) claims that media labelling people with mental illness as dangerous and violence gives a bad reputation to mentally ill people and reinforces the public view of fear and anxiety ( Busfied 2001). The media interpretation of people with mental illness has a strong impact on the general public because of negative reports contribute to different attitudes towards the mental ill ( Anderson 2003). Bhugra (1989) believes that mental illness is linked to negative attitudes such a cruel treatment of mentally ill people. Negative attitude which the media portrays encourage pessimis tic attitudes to the public. Repper (1997cited in Busfied 2001) outlined three things which some of the public are ignorant in understanding mental illness. For instance, people do not have strong background knowledge of the diagnoses, ignorant of the types of behaviours and emotional attitudes which are acceptable towards people with mental illness. Mass media therefore plays a pivotal role in filling this gap of ignorance and people tend to learn mental health illnesses from reports from the media therefore making them vulnerable to negative reports which emanate from the media. According to Giddens (2006) there is now a wide variety of mass media in the United Kingdom but newspapers have become one of the biggest forms of media. In fact, newspapers have become a subsequent link between criminality, violence and mental ill health (Ward, 1997 cited in Andrew, 2007). Focusing on the newspapers which are dominating cultural interactive in the United Kingdom in this modern time, research reports it have proved that news reporting in newspapers has strong predominates coverage about mental illness (Busfied, 2001). Essentially, newspapers do not focus on the clear meaning of the undifferentiated terms, such as lunatic ,psycho, schizo, mental patient, mental ill, all these meanings become different when general public interpret them ( Harris, 2004). Most newspapers report incidents of people with mental illness using terms such as dangerous and violent. Harris (2004) describes the reports in newspapers as a classical institutional trait which has common norms, rule s, beliefs, and knowledge and that they all share behavioural patterns on the concept of dangerousness. According to various sociologists the notion of dangerousness is used to characterise situations. This notion of newspapers constructing meanings represent negative attitudes to mental ill people. Busfied (2001, p135) refer dangerous† as harm to self or others†. This dangerousness reveals to the public that mental ill people should stay away from the society. To the society point of view this particularly brings a close link between badness and illness. Newspapers interpret deviant behaviour, which is a behaviour that people so label. According to (Haralambos and Holborn) 1991, labelling is an â€Å"act of naming, the development of language to confer and fix the meaning of behaviour and symbolic internationalism and the phenomenology†. Moreover, according to Fulcher and Scott (2007), labelling theory claims that deviance and conforming result not much from what people do but from how others respond to those actions, it highlight social responses to mass media and deviance. Murder is one way that individual is labelled in a negative rather in a positive way (Anderson, 2003). Apple and Wesley (1988 cited in Anderson, 2003) cited the Hungerford massacre which outlined the story of Michael Ryan who committed a horrific homicide but there was no diagnosis of mental illness. Therefore sometimes people have wrong interpretations of horrific incidents and assumptions that violent incidents are only done by people with mental illness and their beliefs are constructed by the language used by newspapers. This leads to stigmatisation of people with mental illness and this is a negative social label which changes a persons self concept and social identity. According to Scheff (1984) stigmatising people often leads to retrospective labelling which he describes as the interpretation of someones past consistent with the present deviance. Retrospective labelling distorts a persons biography in prejudicial way guided by stigma than attempt to be fair. In order to reduce and tackle this stigmatising the Department of Health (1999b) initiated current mental healthcare policy which works towards promoting health to people with mental illness. (Anderson, 2003). Signorielli (1989) pointed out that films are another form of mass media which is culturally dominated in portraying the public life. Many films give a negative view of people with mental illness, for example films such as the Hollywood broadcast some vivid images which reveal negative effects to the public( Hyler,1988). In addition, films such as â€Å"psycho, (1960), One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest (1975) remained the greatest example in presenting madness (Hyler et al, 1991). The main issue in all these films is mainly based on the experience of mental ill people. Byrne (2000 cited in Anderson, 2003) mentioned some films such as â€Å"Shine (1989), Voices (2000) outlined that the synopsis of these films have great consequences to the lives of people with mental illness. For example the film Jack Nicolsons R.P MacMurghy (1970) refused to admission to mental institution as he was not having any problems related to mental illness but later lived in a mental institution. This shows h ow societys viewpoint can impact on each individuals view. The contemporary films draw people to fear resulting in a change of behaviour towards people with mental illness. Watching films like â€Å"Halloween (1978)and Psycho(1960) have horrific themes† which arouse peoples anxiety and create fear of people with mental illness because violent actions influence the way people see things (Anderson 2003,p229). Cutcliffe and Hannigan (2001) argue that films stereotype people with mental illness which in turn contribute to the stigmatisation of people with mental illness. This is supported by Hyler,et al.(1991) who points out that film stereotypes and illness linked to violence and psychiatry and mental illness still dominates synopsis in films. Films present wrong interpretation to the public about mental illness by showing images of violence and dangerous people. Philo, et al (1994) also says that the images of mental health people which the film broadcast and the emotional language seem to have a lot of stereotypes. Therefore, films publications help to give mental illness its shape. Although there are various forms of media, television is the main worldwide source form of media which produces information mostly in images across different countries, especially in economically developed countries (Cutcliff and Hannigan (2001). Television also broadcast images, dramas, cartoons and international news, presenting clearly mental illness in the context of violence and harm to others. (Anderson, 2003). According to the survey carried out by Glasgow Media Group in Scotland, 1993, it has been found that television is a typical form of mass media which primarily focus most of its programmes on people with mental illness. Furthermore, it has judgemental attitudes which have negative impact towards people with mental health problems and the wider society. In a nutshell, television has great consequences to mentally ill people and draws attention of the wider society to exclude them in social life. From the above analysis, it is evident that mass media is enormously influential in directing attention towards the relative and somewhat arbitrary nature of dominant definition of mental illness in Britain. There is uniformity in the way mass media represent people with mental illness. Different forms of media have great impact to the public by the way they convey their message to the public. Mass media is therefore misleading people by relating mental illness to violence and dangerousness.

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Pete Sampras Essay -- essays research papers fc

Pete Sampras the American Sensation The reason why I chose to do my research paper on Pete Sampras is because I love to play tennis, and Pete is the greatest tennis player alive. I have always made him my role model, and I hope to one day meet him. I try and model my tennis game after his and it has really helped my tennis game. Pete Sampras is my childhood hero, and that is the reason why I chose the topic of Pete Sampras. Pete was born on August 12, 1971. in Washington, DC. Although Pete was born in Washington, he grew up in Palos Verdes, California. Pete is a direct descendent of Sam and Georgia Sampras. Pete has three Siblings one elder and two younger. The elder sibling is Stella, the current head tennis coach at UCLA. Pete's younger sister Marion has not decided on a career yet, and Pete's third sibling is his only brother, Gus who is the Current Assistant Tournament Director at Scottsdale ATP Tour Event (Role Models). Pete began playing tennis at the age of seven, and when he was nine, his father asked Pete Fischer, a physician and amateur player, to hit with his son. Fischer was so impressed with Pete's ability, he became Pete's personal coach. When Pete was eleven, he had the opportunity to hit with his childhood hero Rod Laver. Pete later told his coach that he was so nervous he couldn't get the ball over the net. Pete rarely won a major junior tournament. Fischer believed that someone of his talent should play up in age groups against older and stronger players to develop his all around game. When Pete reached the age of 14, Fischer changed Pete's two-handed backhand to a one-handed. At the same time of his backhand switch Fischer switched Pete from a safe defensive baseliner to a risky serve and volleyer. The reason he did this was to try and make Pete feel much more laid back and in the end it worked. Pete turned pro at the age of 16 following his junior year in high-school. By the late 1980's, Pete split with his coach Pete Fischer because Pete felt that Fischer was an overbearing perfectionist. After the split with Fischer, Pete picked up a new coach, Tim Gullikson. Tim Gullikson showed Pete the value of playing percentage tennis--going for smart, conservative shots rather than flashy, difficult ones. On May 3, 1996, Gullik... 96 R128 Bye, () N/A R64 Kiefer, Nicolas (GER ) 36 6-3 3-6 6-3 R32 Roddick, Andy (USA ) 131 6-7(2) 3-6 (S.L. Price) As you can see Pete has had a few wins but about two years ago, the peak of his career, he wouldn't have lost to any of those players. If you noticed in the Miami Ericsson open he was beat by Andy Roddick a young 19 year old player who just turned pro. That just reinstates my point that he will not be able to keep up with the young up and comers. WORKS CITED 1. " Role Models on the Web: Pete Sampras" April 27, 2000 Available: April 27, 2001 2. Price, S.L. "The Passion of Pete Sampras." Sports Illustrated May 26 1997: 56-63 3. "Pete Sampras." Current Biography. 14th edition. The HW Publishing Company 233-242

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An Inspector Calls - Priestleys Presentation of the Inspector Essay

An Inspector Calls - How does Priestley's presentation of the Inspector create dramatic tension in the play? 'An Inspector Calls' Question Title: How does Priestley's presentation of the Inspector create dramatic tension in the play? During the play 'An Inspector Calls' the Inspector is used as a dramatic device. He raises and decreases the tension due to his attitude, actions, speeches and his symbolic role to the family, and audience at the time when the play was first performed. Throughout my essay I will be examining how Priestley's presentation of the Inspector generates tension throughout the play. Before the Inspector is introduced into the play, the atmosphere in the Birling's house is quite relaxed. They are celebrating Sheila and Gerald's engagement, so there is a party atmosphere and dull lighting. The stage directions describe the situation as: "At the moment they have all had a good dinner, are celebrating a special occasion, and are pleased with themselves." The Inspector's arrival disrupts the family's celebration; this automatically raises the tension, because the family would be annoyed by the abrupt interruption of their celebration. When the Inspector first rings the doorbell, Birling is just finishing one of his arrogant speeches. He has just said: "a man has to mind his own business and look after himself and his own." This is significant in relationship to the play because Birling's original views are exactly what Priestley, through the Inspector, is trying to teach the audience not to think like. Birling is the kind of person who Priestley is trying to get through to. The atmosphere is also made uneasy because no one knows definitely why the Inspector has called bu... ...r classes and the way that the Inspector brought these ideas crashing down. In the 1954 film version of the play the man who plays the Inspector is a pale faced man with dark dramatic eyes. This makes the Inspector look ghostly enforcing some peoples theories of him being a ghost. Because the Inspector's true identity is not revealed the tension in the play is increased. This is because the audience don't know anything about the Inspector, so do not trust the inspector and there-fore would be put on edge by him. Priestley has presented the Inspector in a very mysterious way, we do not know where he comes from or anything about him, but it is soon made clear why he is in the play; to teach an important lesson. The audience is left thinking about the play and all the issues raised in it. This play definitely left me thinking about my role among society.

What Is History? :: essays research papers

What Is History? What is history? Where do I start? And who says it started there? I wasn’t there, does it matter? Can I accept whatever happens in another part of the world into my personal history, or just in the worlds history? What parts of history are most important? Who decides? What a question! The word history has many attached meanings to it, and the result is that the definition for history depends on who it is you are asking. But What is it? states that, â€Å"history is a narrative of events; a story.† Everyone has stories. it goes without saying then that everyone has history. But what about looking at the world in a broader aspect. I think we could look at humans, in whole, and see that we all have a history; a social history. Also, what students mostly study in textbooks, and in lecture halls; political history. Therefore, history, in my terms, can be broken into three very different branches: Personal, Social, and political. A friend of mi ne unfortunately parted ways with a woman whom he devoted a long period of time to. Inquiring, as I often do, I ask for the details on their break up. I was given a response of, â€Å"Man, She’s history.† And my friend is exactly correct. This woman now lies within his personal history. Had this girl never came into my friends life, he could not claim her a part of his history; his past. We have defined history as, â€Å"a story,† and my friend can tell stories of him and his girl. (in fact lately that is all he talks about) The Vietnam war was a very important part in history. Actually, the boss at my present place of employment served a long period of time in the war. He was a grunt. I have asked him about it, trying to hear maybe a story or two of what it was like, but he doesn’t like to talk about it. this part of his history he shuts out. Many veterans are like this. I believe the reason being is that the war that is in his history is a very differen t war than we could ever read in books or hear about from professors. War is different for everyone; as is history itself. These few examples give way to the first area of history; personal history. This is the story that everyone has.

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Albert Campus defines an absurd hero, one who despite the circumstances transcends all odds. Sisyphus, condemned by the gods to push a rock to the top of a mountain, chooses to make the most of his burden by accepting his situation and saying yes to his challenge Personal response essay How do we grow as individuals? What molds our lives and selves? Rewards and improvements in our lives can be accredited to the hardships and adversities individuals face. Adversities like; being laid off, grueling 12 hour work days, raising teenagers, and couples Ryan Overcoming AdversityThroughout the world there are many different people who go through different trials and tribulations. Human history and existence today would not be what It is If we didn't have to struggle a bit to get what we want. I feel this also applies Issues of Adversity Issues of Adversity â€Å"That which cannot kill me can only make me stronger†. With Reference to the quote, the color purple (3 characters) and 3 othe r sources of supplementary text, write an essay. Adversity Is unfortunately, an aspect of life which can hardly be avoided. Some people experience†¦ Premium Words PagesHorse's Assertion of Adversity Argument Essay Horse's asserts through adversity, hidden talents are brought to the surface, which would otherwise lay dormant. This claim has proven to be a timely truism in literature and history. Heroes and heroines of the literary canon have long faced strife and turmoil. In meeting these†¦ Premium Words Pages Wallace able to achieve their goals and experience respectable success In life. While both Lulu and Alexei hail from completely different cultures, they both experienced adversity and struggled with overcoming societal and racial prejudices.Alexei is of Native American descent and spent his†¦ Premium Words Pages Advisor Essay Personal response essay How do we grow as Individuals? What molds our lives and selves? Rewards and Improvements In our lives can be accred ited to the hardships and adversities Individuals face. Adversities like; being laid off, grueling 12 hour work days, raising teenagers, and couples†¦ Premium Words Pages Sisyphus Synthesis push a rock to the top off mountain, chooses to make the most of his burden by accepting his situation and saying yes to his challenge†¦ Premium Words PagesAdversity Builds Character challenges. It was these challenges that have caused them to become very successful in what they do. In my essay, I have proven that adversity brings out the talents and creativity in people. A famous quote from Frederica Nietzsche says, â€Å"That which does not kill us makes us stronger. â€Å"†¦ Premium Words Pages Overcoming Adversity many different people who go through different trials and tribulations. Human history and existence today would not be what it is if we didn't have to struggle a bit to get what we want. I feel this also applies†¦ Premiums Words Pages EffectiveDander's Smith Ma rch 19, 2012 Essay: Overcoming an Obstacle One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles posses the only strength which can overcome adversity? To one this means that the only way to conquer a personal low is by overcoming obstacles in order to gain strength†¦ Premium Words Pages Freedom Writers territories' are created to bring a sense of equality among those of the same race. Overcoming adversity, family relationships, inequality in education, success and goal setting is what Mrs.. Gruel aims to have instilled in those around her. A theme which surfaces in the movie is that of Mrs.. Gruel'

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Consulting Assignment for Advanced Marketing

board of Content CONSULTING ASSIGNMENT CONSULTING ASSIGNMENT 1 1 KEY ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS & TRENDS 1. 1 Macro-environmental Analysis Political There argon legal requirements to set up sell shops in capital of capital of capital of capital of capital of Singapore. One mickle dependable apply for a sell al depressed for online at the Accounting and Corporate regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA) website. This addresss to it cosmos manipulationr-friendly to everywherecome the barriers of accounting en savour, which may extract agent an emergence in the amount of competitors for OSIM.Since OSIM is in the Health industriousness, its subsidiary corporation of GNC/RichLife would deplete to go through the need of applying an excess permit from Health Sciences Authority (HSA). an untested(prenominal)(prenominal) major concern would be the crossing safety issues and requirements in OSIMs reapings. OSIM is registered with startle Singapore for Consumer Protection Schem e. This scheme ensures the radical safety requirements in OSIMs products, and is shape up verified authentic with the Safety betray label. Economical According to the a la mode(p) domain Health Statistics (2008), Singapores essential health cargon expenditure plainly amounts to 3. % of its make domestic product, which is substanti altogethery less(prenominal)(prenominal)er than new(prenominal) Asian countries kindred Malaysia, china and India. However, Singapore spends to a great extent than dollars per head than Malaysia, china and India, with an bonny of SGD$1228 per person. Even though Singapore is facing an economy recession since 2009, Singstat has report an increase of ab come forth 4. 5% in gross r stock-still offue of medical goods in 2009 as comp atomic tally 18d to in 2008. This proves that Singaporeans be progressively concerned ab off health c atomic number 18 and argon to a greater extent giveing to spend on health care veritable(a) in quantify of sparing d avowturn.With this display of motion in Singapore, more competition and bare-assborn entrants overhear penetrated Singapore. This lead claim OSIM in terms of gross revenue and near(prenominal) other factors, as bare-ass players will be fighting for the like grocery grant. Increasing sales of healthcare products in Singapore shows that the life style healthcare industry will continue to beckon or if not, do better in future. 3 More and more competitors are seeking to reduce production be by locating their manufacturing plants in countries with rugged production cost and labor.This will affect OSIM in terms of wrong emulousness, as each(prenominal) of their rub off chairs are marked and construct in Japan. Social As Singapore is expected to continue come aparting into an change magnitudely affluent society, this will have important impact on trends in consumer behavior. Consumers will progressively become more fault and billet conscious, more di scerning and health conscious. As the population ages and material solacement grows, consumers are expected to pay more attention to their health, consequently an increasing command for seaworthiness and health clubs, as fountainhead as choosing more expensive so outlying(prenominal) estimable food choices.This is particularly uncoiled for Baby-Boomers in their fifties now with larger spending force out. More emphasis is pose on leisure activities, such(prenominal) as travelling, water sports, golfing and cultural activities. However, macrocosm workaholics, Singaporeans are unendingly moving forward, and soly petty(a) time is allocated to work out. Therefore, on that point is a potential securities industry for OSIM that is in accordance with its philosophy of add togethering heavy modus vivendi to its consumers without the need of spending hours in the gym. In addition, especially after the natural-made pandemics such as Bird Flu, H1N1 and SARs, there is a g reater need to lead a respectable life-style.Speaking of social status, being able to get an OSIM uDream would reflect the status symbol of those who fanny afford it collectable to its hefty price tag. technological OSIM stands out from its competitors in terms of expert advances as advantageously as the innovative design for its products. It is further proven and supported by prestigious Singapore Awards such as The Brand with Exceptional Per variateance and RedDot endeavor Award on more than unmatched occasion. OSIM similarly makes it a point to unvariedly come up with new designs and products to further curl existing customers as s wellhead as new potential buyers.The comp each has come up with 6 new products leaveing to diametrical needs in the last two years, such as uKimono, uSqueez loosen up in 2009, and also uRobic, uSpace, uYoYo and uCrown, the humannesss first anti-stress head abraser in 2008. Offering an extensive kitchen stove of products to guinea pi g the different needs of customers, as well as a wide-cut range in product price, OSIM seeks out a large range of target mart. 4 Improvements in technical conkality such as additional health benefits other than removing muscle-builder aches in the massage chairs, overturn galvanic habits would help give OSIM further agonistical advantage.OSIM has also made use of the technological advancements available to al more or less every home, which is the approach path of the internet. OSIMs website al imprints potential buyers to find out more information, reviews by other users, and even to make online purchases, all at the drag of their own home as well as at their own time. In order to attract more buyers, OSIM even have exclusive online offers that are not available in the physical shops. 1. 2 FIVE FORCES IMPACTING ON OSIMS INDUSTRY holy terror of novel Entrants It is relatively easy to apply for in operation(p) license for new disdaines in Singapore and it wad be reflec ted in the casual average of 138 (ACRA Annual Report 2008/2009) of new entities that were registered. However, the initial capital requirement is laid-back for the healthcare industry because of the R&D cost and infrastructure of the manufacturing plant. In addition, the increase in imitations also amplifies the competitiveness of the industry posing great price differentials, and then leading to a gamey bane of new entrant. Despite being less price-competitive, OSIMs products possess more boss quality.Therefore, threat of new entrants is deemed to be moderate. Threat of Substitute OSIM is proudly threatened by the many varieties of substitutes available in the securities industry. Since OSIMs mission statement is to offer their customers keep down well-being, customers muckle also well find these needs in many other substitutes. For instance, there has been a recent surge of fitness clubs, which serves as a one-stop centre for many consumers. Customers looking for a sum total workout can concord all the equipments they need in these fitness clubs, without having to buy them.These fitness clubs also cater to consumers needs for lifestyle, for example, by providing plasma televisions fitted all around the clubs. Other substitutes includes, the very well-received spas and massage parlors, down in the mouth cost manual and galvanizing massaging equipment, participating in active sports like Yoga or kickboxing, adopting healthier eating habits and consumption of health supplement pills. 5 It can be seen that most of the substitutes provide consumers with spurn cost benefit s and some may even provide the identical health advantages as OSIM products, hence, the threat of substitutes for OSIM is relatively senior high.Power of Buyer Consumers are presented with a wide array of competitive brands and alternatives such as fitness clubs and traditional massages. As Singaporeans are becoming more affluent, an average household income amounts to SGD$744 0 which illustrates a high spending power. Hence, power of buyer is moderate. Power of supplier Supplier Power for OSIM is moderate. They do not own their personal manufacturing plant or factory. about of their manufacturing is outsourced to external companies in China and Japan. Recently, they have also entered a Joint hypothesis Agreement with Daito Electric Machine patience lodge.Daito will help OSIM in the mold and manufacturing of healthcare appliances. However, given that OSIM has numerous supplies of manufacturers, they can fall back on other manufacturers if one fails to commit for whatever intellects, thus the power of supplier is low. Intensity of disputation in sedulousness The main rivals in the healthcare industry include OTO and Ogawa. world the market drawing card, OSIM is renowned for its quality and constant innovations. This clearly differentiates OSIM from its competitors. Conversely, its price positioning competency put off some consumers and back up c onsumers to patronage its competitors.Furthermore, as mode of entry to the sell market in Singapore is relatively easy, cost of exiting would be high as ACRA has the right to reject any application of termination of a retail permit if they feel that the applicant can still survive the business, which simply direction that the barriers to exiting the market is high. 6 1. 3 samara issues that are likely to impact on the marketing strategy for OSIM Key Environmental Possible marketplace Impact / Industry Issues Economical Rising expenditure on health OSIM care in Singapore can offer more spellbinding Possible Marketing Mix Implications romotions such as a package bar chance upon to attract more buyers Social Consumers are more aware of OSIM can make grow consumers on the the need to live a healthier products and the health benefits lifestyle Technological Ever-advancing technology OSIM has to ever update themselves with the latest technology to continuously innovate to retail ex isting customers Threat Substitutes of Many different forms of It is difficult for OSIM to forebode such except to offer more substitutes, some of which substitutes major power cost a lot less than the hypnotic promotions, better products roducts of OSIM or even attempting to reach out to the consumers more quickly with well located shops Intensity of contest Mode of entry into a retail The chances of more competitors within Industry business is relatively easy, entering the market and stay, and while barriers of exit are high since OSIM focuses on quality in its products, it has to counter such new businesses in the form of quality products with newer technology, kind of than low pricing strategies 7 Consulting Assignment 2 2 COMPETITOR ANALYSIS 2. 1 Market Segmentation OSIM OTO OGAWAGeographic ? Residential Areas ? obtain Areas ? CBD Areas ? every last(predicate) age groups ? Residential Areas ? CBD Areas ? Residential Areas ? Shopping Areas ? CBD Areas ? All age groups D emographic ? old Psychographic ? Consumers that seek innovation ? fast lifestyle ? Family-oriented ? Benefit from consuming whatnot ? examine quality ? Traditionally-oriented ? Family-oriented ? Consumers that seek innovation ? Fast-paced lifestyle ? Benefit from consuming novelty ? Seek lever for money behavioural ? High consumer loyalty ? Seek value for money 2. 2 Strategic assembly Map The above strategic chromosome mapping illustrates the positioning of the two closest competitors in comparison with OSIM. Judging from the numbers in the map, OSIM has the strongest global presence with more than 1,100 outlets crosswise 31 countries. OSIM also has the most product offerings that can satisfy the varieties of needs of consumers. Furthermore, OSIM makes use of their advancement in technology to constantly introduce innovative products to the market. This would allow OSIM to attract new customers and retain existing ones.However, OSIMs products are priced at a some(prenominal ) higher level than its competitors. This gives OTO and OGAWA a competitive edge over OSIM. Despite the attractive prices, they have a weaker brand image. This can be clearly seen in an sovereign survey conducted where OSIM came up as the number 1 brand of healthy lifestyle products in consumers minds, most favored healthy lifestyle brand and the most preferred Massage Chair across Asia. 9 2. 3 hawkish Strategy guess Officially launched in 1993, OSIM is the global leader in branded healthy lifestyle products.The company is constantly developing new products that possess innovation technologies, bringing its consumers healthier lifestyle and overall well-being. The two key direct competitors include OTO Bodycare and OGAWA World. Name of Company OSIM Porter Generic Strategy specialisation OSIM uses Market Positioning Market attraction advanced PRODUCT INNOVATION OSIM flourish its technology such as Osimotion total demand by constantly introducing engineering science that dist inguishes new products like uSqueeze and uKimono. tself from conventional devices that entrust merely on vibration impressive PROMOTION OSIM recently and innovative Warm Air launched the uKimono that is endorsed by Technology to appease tired International artiste SHE to reach out to muscles and improve blood the younger gang so as to increase new circulation. users. INCREASE USERS OSIM reinforced their global leading position in the healthy lifestyle industry by their geographical enlargement into USA, a large homogenous consumer market with about 100 million household, by entering into a definitive nuclear fusion reaction agreement with Nasdaq-listed Brookestone Inc.This transaction will bring OSIM to the next level in its result and opportunities. OGAWA address Leadership Market competitor Like OSIM, OGAWA does not OGAWA adopts the indirect outrage on manufacture its own products. OSIMs high pricing strategy. OGAWAs This function is to in China being products are being priced much write down precisely the with comparable functionality as compared to to OSIM thus securing the market share of outsourced manufacturer 10 carry through economies of scale. The more price sensitive customers. nest egg are then translated to the consumers by sell the products at a much lower price.Despite the low price, quality is being compromised as the country of origin plays an important role. OTO Cost Leadership Market Challenger OTO focuses on providing lower Most products have similar functions and prices to win a larger share of benefits to OSIM, except that they are the market. Integration therapies of and traditional contemporaneous priced more competitively. With this, OTO is able to try to fight for a larger market share. technology allows them to offer OTO tries to indirectly combat OSIMs high quality at low prices. With most of their outlets in weaknesses, its uncompetitive pricing strategy. eartland malls, they ensure Many of OTO outlets are also si tuated in supreme exposure in their the same locations as OSIM, strongly targeted market and also intriguing them for market share. minimize operational expenses ascribable to low rental costs. This ensures that they remain price competitive. 11 2. 4 OSIMs agonistic Response Competitors OTO Strategies by Competitors Price mild pricing strategy to gain market share Product Combines traditional therapies with modern-day technology OGAWA Price OSIM should employ Attack. the They OSIM Competitive Response Encirclement hould constantly develop firstin-the-market technologies and innovative products, to avoid Adopted sixth sense pricing price competition. strategy to gain market share. It is interesting to note that in They can also employ more Malaysia, an OSIM massage celebrity endorsements to chair is priced at RM 14K where increase their credibility, brand a massage chair from OGAWA awareness and gain market with a similar feature only(prenominal) share. retails at RM 6. 7K Pro duct Product fulfils rudimentary function of providing the total well-being and healthy lifestyle. 12 Consulting Assignment 3 get FORECASTING 3. 1 Forecast epitome Table FORECASTING METHOD single(a) MOVING comelyS CRITERIA P= 2 P= 3 P= 4 P= 5 P= 2 P= 3 P= 4 P= 5 ? = 0. 8 ? = 0. 2 ? = 0. 9 Y= a + bX FORECAST FOR N=9 8,110 7,550 6,963 6,450 8,868 9,970 8,629 9,346 5,292 8,204 8,311 9499 COMPUTED MAD 1,466 1,973 2,490 3,073 507 514 814 413 2,887 1,242 1,121 200 hotshot MOVING AVERAGES USING ABOSLUTE CHANGE exponential SMOOTHING REGRESSION TABLE 3. 1 3. 2 Analysis of Forecasting Methods Judging from the sales figures, a positive linear trend is identified based on the increasing sales of OSIM in the past 8 consequences.There are various reasons that conveyd to the growth. Singaporeans are earning a higher income, thus a greater disposable income which translates into a larger buying power. This escalation in spending power allows the consumer to purchase OSIM products as a stat us symbol. Also, due(p) to the nature of Singaporeans being workaholics, there is little time to be engaged in outdoor activities, hence, resulting in a dull boost of such healthy lifestyle products. Therefore, due to the stable demand, the time serial determine best suited to this var. is the least square rule.All in all, this method is deemed to be the most effective as it has the lowest computed MAD which reflects its the true in the considered sale for period 9. Though verbalise so, OSIM should not rely exclusively on the regression method as the model has problems identifying seasonal impacts, and integrating those fluctuations into the forecast. The alternative would be to use the single moving average using absolute change as the demand of the products are stable and by adopting this method, small random fluctuations are levelled out.It also has the next lowest MAD which implies the accuracy of forecasted sales in comparison with the other models. 13 Consulting Assig nment 4 4 FINANCIAL RATIOS 4. 1 Ratio outline Table OSIM FLAGSHIP STORE GROSS strand pct NET PROFIT PERCENTAGE STOCKTURN RATE TABLE 4. 1 67. 72% 17. 41 2. 75 INDUSTRY AVERAGE 52% 5% 6 4. 2 Ratio Analysis Gross brim dower The gross brink ploughshare is a measurement of a companys manufacturing and dispersal efficiency during the production process. In comparison with the industry average of 52 per centum, OSIM generates a much higher gross margin of 67. 2 percent. This indicates that OSIM is more efficient than most of its competitors from the industry. This disparity could be due to the low manufacturing cost that OSIM obtained from its contract manufacturers, thus the high gross margin. Despite the constant world of new products, OSIM still managed to attain a high gross margin percentage, thus reflecting the low inventory level which signifies high sales volume. Net Profit Percentage OSIM has a high net dinero percentage of 17. 41 percent as compared to the industry aver age of 5 percent which is at least 3 times more.The figure implies that OSIM has better control over its costs compared to its competitors. This substantial difference is for the most part attributed to the high sales volume and low operating costs incurred through economies of scale. Stockturn ordinate Stockturn rate basically determines the firms efficiency in managing inventories. The stockturn rate of 2. 75 times by OSIM is relatively low as compared to the industry average of 6 times. The figure is still reasonably refreshing despite being a far cry from the rivals within the industry as it indicates that the inventories of OSIM were used and then again replaced more or less thrice in one year.The reason for the gap could be attributed to OSIMs make in managing the inventory. It reflects OSIMs ability to forecast its sales accurately for the next period and thus, do not need to devil about stock out situations. The risk of exposure of OSIM having a low stockturn rate cou ld contribute to higher 14 holding costs which would eventually result in a low gross margin. However, with reference to the gross margin percentage of OSIM, the company is doing rather well in managing its resources. Also, a lower stockturn rate

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Emily Dickinson – Theme of Love

Emily Dickinson – Theme of Love

During a visit to Philadelphia in 1854, Reverend Charles Wadsworth whos regarded as an deep inspiration of poems was fulfilled by Dickinson.Also, Dickinson isolated herself and emphasized her isolation by dressing in white. Her seclusion is present as a motif in some love poems. The death of her father, and nephew, led to an absolute seclusion and these deaths were probably the reason good for the darker tone in her later poetry.Biographers have tried to find the source of this passion logical and intensity that is found in Emily Dickinson’s poems but there is an enigma when it comes to her love life.Emily Dickinson is considered as among the crucial and well known african American poets.I decided to analyse some poems in which Emily Dickinson wrote about love from these different stranding points. My social Life had stood – a Loaded Gun† A patriarchal society, such as the one Emily Dickinson lived in, had very controlled social norms logical and rules. One as pect of it Dickinson described in her poem â€Å"My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun†. It centers around a masculine figure, a â€Å"Master† and the speaker, â€Å"a Loaded Gun†.

She dwelt 55 years softly.However, the last stanza of this long poem brings this romantic side of it into question. Critics claim that the whole poem is a mere delusion of the lyrical I, merely a self assurance that it is through a union of power that the master and the servant best can be brought to their full potential. â€Å"Though I than He – may longer liveHe longer must – than I – good For I have but the power to kill, Without–the power to die—â€Å" However, with these few lines the poet seems to realize that a life through servitude does not bring one fulfillment, but only the mere illusion of it. More than once, Dickinson uses the expression â€Å"Master† to refer to males in her poetry.William Austin Dickinson is a individuals who is best referred to as a Celebrity.Furthermore, the woman in try this poem is objectified even more than just being rendered through an inanimate object. This can be seen in the second third and fo urth lines of the second stanza, where the poetess describes how it is to be speaking â€Å"for Him†. The irony is subtle here, and very well masked, for the delightful sentiment that emerges throughout the whole poem, especially first stanza number four, is strong enough to keep in shadow the less eminent features. What Dickinson describes as speaking for is in fact being spoken through.

Todd and Higginson released a different group of Dickinsons poetry after worth publishing the very first quantity in 1890.The question of homosexuality has been studied in this context, but it is perhaps the rejection of female traits for the reason that a life of submission to a dominant animalistic great hunter is valued to be nobler than the embracing of one’s true self. Last, but not least, this long poem can also represent the idea of a woman as a poet, one that possesses knowledge and great power which make her destructive. Critic Adrienne Rich believes that creation by a woman is aggression, logical and that it is both â€Å"the power to kill† as well as being punishable. The union of big gun with the hunter embodies the danger of identifying and taking hold of [the woman’s] forces, not least that in so doing she risks defining herself – and being defined – as aggressive, is unwomanly (â€Å"and now we hunt the Doe†), logical and is potentially lethal.Emily received a wonderful education.The first two lines of the first stanza clearly set the terms on which this marriage is built. She little rose to His Requirement – dropt The Playthings of Her Life† The role of the man is very well represented by the capitalization on the single word â€Å"His†. This can not only be interpreted as respect for the husband, but it best can be related to the poem mentioned earlier â€Å"My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun† where the lyrical I relates to her lover as â€Å"Master†. This image of a husband as an omnipotent pillar of power transcends the worldly abilities of men, logical and turns into a God of the household and it is to the needs and wishes of this noble Lord that a wife needs to â€Å"rise†.

She had a life that is very reclusive.For Dickinson the poet, the free play of language and imagination was primary.She believed that her father’s tragedy was his inability to play, and she once wrote, â€Å"Blessed be those who play, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. † worth Something in her recoiled from adult womanhood and made her wish she could remain a child. In a famous letter to her friend Susan Huntington Gilbert Dickinson (who later getting married Emily’s brother, William Austin), she anticipated with a mixture of fascination and dread the prospect of well being consumed by the blazing sun of a husband’s demands.A guy cannot be too careful in the selection of his enemies.Her true true self – her thoughts and opinions remain unmentioned, uncared for by the husband.Dickinson uses the sea to illustrate her point. The ideas and beliefs of a wife are not only hidden deep within the unexplored sea, but they are consider also mixed, cov ered with weeds. A man caching a clam must first go through the barrier, in try this case society’s limitation of a woman’s freedom, in order to get to the treasure that is dark inside – the pearl.

Actually, keep in mind that teens are in reality still slow growing it is common to test out pursuits to find out what sticks.Foregoing the possible greatest joys of marriage, Emily Dickinson chose to pursue â€Å"the poetic calling that enabled her to set what her own â€Å"Requirement† and to retain her â€Å"Playthings† as essential tools of her art. † (Leiter 174) â€Å"If you were coming in the fall. † This is a love poem in which Dickinson writes about her loved one who is far away from her. The distance between her and her lover is not an obstacle unlooked for her feelings, and she is yearning to meet with him.Shes now generally deemed to become an important American poet, although dickinsons reputation for a poet was contested.A season becomes a year in the second stanza. However, even this is not a problem for she will simply â€Å"wind the months in little balls and put them each in separate drawers† (bartleby. om) and make it easier for what her to bare the length of time and just wait until it is time for them to meet. She makes it easier for herself to wait for this moment, by diminishing a last year into months.

When each book reached a edit, their final ritual was designed to exchange better off reading it aloud to another, usually a single page awakens, Kidder stated.She would toss away her life â€Å"like a rind,†(bartleby. com) as something that is not important.While the first four stanzas start with â€Å"If† which implies something hypothetical logical and something that is only a possibility the final stanza begins with â€Å"But now,† which is a return to reality and the young poet is not sure how long she must wait for her lover now. Furthermore, she is not sure if they will meet at all, or is he even coming.1 19th-century Irish book educates women curious regarding the exchange of their upcoming spouse to have a little lump of red lead and place it under their pillow on Midsummers Eve.What if I say I shall logical not wait? This poem is about separation as well.Lovers are here apart because of others, and not their own will. The â€Å"I† of this p oem is very eager to see her lover and she will complete break free by forse if needed from those who are keeping her away from him. It seems as if she is threatening to escape and asking her lover what will happen if how she manages to escape and come to him.