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Analyse the component of a web-marketing strategy and explain how the Assignment

Analyse the component of a web-marketing strategy and explain how the HRBP can add value to the marketing department - Assignment Example The purpose of this paper is to analyze web marketing and how the human resource business partner (HRBP) position can add value to the marketing department. Internet marketing is a new brand of marketing that was born in the 1990’s. During that decade the business world was taken by storm as new dot com companies began to appear by the hundreds each day. At the end of the decade the infamous internet bubble burst as too many companies penetrated the marketplace at once with less than innovative ideas. The business world has changed and web marketing has become a critical success factor in the 21st century. The amount of e-commerce volume has increased a lot. The US e-commerce marketplace reached $153 billion in sales in 2010 (Plunkett Research, 2011). Due to the size of the market companies have to look for ways to improve their web marketing function in order to increase their overall volumes of sales. There are advantages and cons associated with the use of web marketing. On e of the greatest features of web marketing is the ability to increase the customer base of a company. Through the power of the internet web marketing in theory has the capability of reaching 100% of the global population once the world becomes fully online. Another advantage of the implementation of web marketing is cost. Web marketing campaigns are much cheaper than the use of traditional media. It can cost thousands or even millions of dollars to run a 30 second advertisement on television. In 2010 CBS charged between $2.5 million to $2.8 million for a 30 second ad during the Super Bowl (Cbsnews, 2010). A third advantage of the use of web marketing is that a campaign can be implemented very fast. Also web marketing can be beneficial because the advertiser can customized the ads based on the target audience. Despite all the benefits associated with web marketing there are also cons. The use of marketing advertising techniques such as email advertising or pop up ads can be perceive d by the general population as spam. Spam can be defined as unsolicited email often of a commercial nature that are sent indiscriminately to multiple mailing lists, individuals, or newsgroups (Answers, 2011). Another con of the use of web marketing campaigns is that at times it can be difficult to measure the results of a web marketing initiative. A third disadvantage of web marketing is that people can become skeptical about the trustworthiness of the deals offered in the internet due to the large amount of internet scams that have occurred in the past (Tun, 2009). The HRBP position can add a lot of value to the marketing department. Most marketing departments are limited by the internal capabilities and resources within a company. A firm could accomplish more if it joined forces with other marketing teams. The HRBP can help a company by negotiating strategic alliances with other firms. A strategic alliance can be defined as an arrangement between two or more companies that decided to share resources for a particular project (Answers, 2011). The use of strategic alliances is a market entry strategy that can enable firms to penetrate foreign locations. The marketing depar

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