Monday, September 9, 2019

Software Engineering Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Software Engineering - Coursework Example At the engineering phase, software is produced and it is tested at the end of this phase. The last phase entails evaluation of the project’s output before the continuation of the project to the next phase. This software development ensures that the goals of software engineering are fulfilled. This is crucial in ensuring that the software designed is easily readable and understandable. Spiral model ensures that this goal of software engineering is met through appropriate and proper documentation. The model ensures that each of the four phases is well documented and explained. This ensures that incase any change happens in the future, the change can be easily understood and it would be easy to understand what to expect from the phases that are involved in the spiral development process model (Tsui, Karam, & Bernal 2014: 123). It is important for the developed software to be easily testable thus ensuring that in the event of any error occurring, it is easier to understand and trace the origin of the error. In so doing, it is not necessary to retest the entire software again. Due to the phases that occur in the spiral model, it is easier to test each phase separately before progressing to the next phase. This ensures that the output that each phase gives is gauged separately and in the event of an error in each phase, the origin of the error can be easily traced. It is important for the software to be flexible enough to ensure that it comfortably handles all the aspects that it is meant for. Considering that the spiral process model involves various phases, the engineers ensure that each phase comes up with an output that it is required (Brambilla, Cabot, Wimmer, & Publishers 2012: 100). It enables the engineers to come up with creative software and ensures that customers are able to evaluate the output of the project before getting into the next spiral. The spiral development ensures that there is the development of the correct model because each phase is

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