Thursday, March 21, 2019

Software Patent And Copyright In India :: Technology Computers Software Essays

parcel Patent And Copyright In India cornerstoneThe 21st century is going to be completely depended on computers. The economy and revenue of the country will depend on software, as everything in the future will be controlled by computers. So it becomes very eventful for the countries all around the globe to follow rules and regulation. So that there is entrap in working for the welfare of the public.After the introduction of computers it has always been the aim of the ideas so that it can be implemented. But every technology has pros and cons of its own. So many ideas started flowing in minds that ideas started clashing with others ideas. Earlier it wasnt taken as the big issue. But with so many companies started getting touched in terms of revenue by this problem they had to come up with some law and order. The next step taken in thriftiness someones work or idea was Software procure and Copyright. Many people confuse with these two things. Software apparent(a) and right of first publication are two different concepts. Copyright is a work commonly written work but not necessarily that, which contains the limit of the work. Whereas the indubitable is the idea which individual thinks and it prevents others from claiming or implementing that idea.Copyright is about copying. Taking capabilitys from any white paper or official document without quoting who did it is considered as copying. But if some one writes that material by his own without referring that content then it doesnt violates copyright laws. But in case of the patent you cannot use a particular idea in any case.Overview of Software Patent and Copyright in IndiaThis paper gives brief description of the capable laws being followed in India. It gives description of laws regarding Software patent and copyright in India. In Indian law software patent was never presumption importance. The software patent and copyright issues in India started taking momentum belatedly when they progressed from mere service providers to developers.National Association of Software and Service Companies NASSCOM is the organization in India which enforces for the software laws. According to NASSCOM Patent are considered to be more evasive than Copyright. It is the organization which is trying to enforce software laws in India. Indian presidency has been actively participating for protecting the rights of Copyright holder. The amendments made in the 1994 in Indian copyright act were made in association with subdivision of Electronics and Ministry of Human Resource.

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